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The verdict is due to be announced today in hungary at the trial of fourteen men accused of being responsible for the death of seventy one migrants that decomposed bodies were found in a lorry abandoned the village of pond off in australia his neck hope the verdict will be read out here in the courtroom in catch kennington in central hungary the town where the laurie was registered eleven of the accused will be in court while three is still on the run the most serious charges include murder with particular cruelty the prosecution has argued that they knew the migrants squeezed into the bank we're going to die and they note the sound of them banging on the sealed interior as the oxygen ran out all denied membership in a criminal organization and all expressed deep remorse for the deaths of that passengers in the saudi led coalition offensive against the rebelheld yemeni port of who data forces loyal to the government appear to have reached the city outskirts around the airport frank gardner has the details on the first day of the coalition offensive to retake data from who the rebels forces loyal to the yemeni government appear to reach the city's outskirts around the airport saudi led coalition warplanes carried out airstrikes on positions as rebel fighters reportedly fans out across the city prompting widespread fears of a prolonged bloody urban campaign do you e and saudi arabia who are leading this assault say they will do everything they can to keep much needed aid flowing into her data a government minister told the bbc he believed the campaign would be over quickly and that operations at the port would not be disrupted world news from the bbc a series of events is underway in britain to mark the first anniversary of the apartment block far in west london which left seventy two people dead an official inquiry into the grenfell tower disaster heard evidence of a series of catastrophic fire safety failures including the use of combustible exterior cladding panels the us authorities have arrested and isreaeli women and charged her with giving material support to the islamic state group or khabour is a dice a legal resident for many years was arrested in the state of wisconsin on wednesday the.

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