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Many of you listen to our episode a couple of weeks back with Sondra talking about how she overcame breast cancer and did you know that one in eight women developed breast cancer in their lifetime about five to ten percent of those have inherited genetic risk ancestry held can detect up to eighty percent of the DNA differences linked to the most common. Form of inherited breast cancer. So can help you get ahead of it. Prevent it, beat it to feed it and make sure that it doesn't become a much bigger problem in your life. It's so easy. You get this box delivered to your house you take it out you spit in this vile and then you send it back super-quick inefficient find out what your DNA says about genetic risk with ancestry health had do are you are L. at ancestry dot com slash skinny to get your ancestry health kit today that's ancestry dot com slash skinny. I believe the so hardly because it's research based, right so I think we all need like some holding like re parenting whatever you WANNA call it when it comes to redefining our relationship with food but just like parenting I, think there's a day that you gotta go self determine and figure out what works for you and I think that this tire slicing metaphor really comes in here because if you're training that, you know some are saying, well, what do you think about this protein bar and I'll say, why don't you go see if it works for you and then you decide what you think of this protein hundred percent couldn't agree with. You more we have forgotten that we have these beautiful blonde someone telling you what you like you have to be your own guru decide what works for you thousand we talk like I said, we were talking earlier on this show and it's like, let's say we have you know three hundred episodes or so without let's say there's maybe two hundred fifty guests have been on here and like what we try to do is I'm hoping people segment of our audience listening to like wow i. really resonate with what she's saying really look like an identifier to reach out to you later and like that's great there some people think maybe it doesn't. Have to be like people have to do their own research and decide what works for them, and they can't take everything as a blanket statement is something to follow. Well, I mean I think that's what I'm saying. I mean. If somebody tells you that there's only one way run away you know what I mean and the thing is I come from the eating disorder world where they don't leave and food addiction I mean literally like I'm like Christopher Columbus in the eating disorder world being like, yeah. So you know I think food addictions, I. Think they're like, no world is flat I mean that's because you were a practitioner of it and I'm of enema recipient of it..

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