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Crosby out of their band over a Carole King Saul. That story coming up from Ed Wallace for the moment Rock and roll history at 7 55 It is 7 41 Nowthe, Houston's mayor is cancelled. The Texas GOP's in person convention set for next week in Houston made a rising number of Cove in 19 cases in that city. Dallas County Republican Party Chairman Rodney Anderson was planning on going and he joins us now live with his reaction. Good morning, sir. Good morning. How are y'all? This one? Good Thanks for joining us. So what's gonna happen now? Well, that is a good question because of the as of last night, the Republican Party chairman, the state Republican Party chairman, James Dickey, issued a statement. They're looking at all the legal issues to still be ableto have The convention in Houston in person. So today will be an interesting day from the Republican Party aside to see what the state Republican Party decide that they want to do. To see if there are any legal issues of bacon are alternatives that they can pursue. Esther Anderson. We're hearing that the Republican Party did, you know, start to think in terms of this possibility and making some some plans or at least looking at some possible. The ways of going about conducting the the the convention in some of their way or in some other place, So I guess the big question for everybody is How do you have a big convention where people want to get off in little groups or get together over breakfast and have conversations about specific situations? How do you do that? With a massive zoom meeting right again? That is that is one of those. That is one reason I think it's important that the people that your listeners understand that this was not something that was taken lightly. The Republican Party has a group called the State Republican Executive Committee. And that group is made up of men and women from all across Texas that have met over and over once the the possibility of a cancellation arose to say one is the best thing for for the party. How do we do this? Are there alternatives and there are alternatives, but they don't allow the Ah the in person of communication that being on a zoom meeting with a break out room. Is completely different than being able to discuss with your counterpart from Midland, Texas, or from Texarkana or from Beaumont. Uh, that, uh, whether it be the rules Committee, the platform committee, the other various committees that get together and so Those that sorry same members took it You took took this very seriously and it was not something that they arrived at them of without taking all factors into consideration to say yes, we still want tohave. A ah, a convention in person, But we do have to have some sort of alternative in case we do have a new elected official who decides I'm going to overreach my authority and say no, You can't meet down here. I just want to ask you real quick. We have about a minute left. But I am curious If you think this is a political decision by Houston's mayor, who is a Democrat, and I know you know him very well. Yes, I served with Ah Ah Sylvester Turner in the Texas house, and I my personal thought is that he's doing what he thinks is best. However, he could have done this three weeks ago and given given the party plenty of time because we did not see or hear any objection to the tens of thousands of individuals. It's a double standard that were out. Pro testing in the street three weeks ago. There was never a call for for them to not peacefully protest or and it just seems to me to be a double standard. Of as we've gotten to this point. All right, Mr Andersen. Thank you very much for your time this morning. We do appreciate it. You are certainly well down from behind the scenes. There's the Dallas County Republican Party Chairman Rodney Anderson, 7 45 Let's get an update on traffic on the fives. Now. Here's Bill Jackson. It's sponsored by mattress firm in Dallas on 75 South bound at mid Park Road approaching 6 35 There's a collision and it's backed up the belt line on 6 35 1 stunned at midway and accident in the two right lanes keeps that slow from COIT Road. It's looking better near Royce City on I 30 eastbound between FM, 5 51 5 48 The accident's been cleared out of the way that's recovering and in Westport Worth on I 20 westbound of Markham Ranch Road wreck is causing delays during the mattress for Fourth of July sale. Get a king bed for Queen Price or a queen for a twin price for a savings of up to $500 plus get a free adjustable base with a purchase of 6 99 with Kayla left traffic on the.

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