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Sacramento 79 In full sum out Grove has 75 degrees. Or a one. Now it kfbk your top local story. Californians will have to wear masks for a little while longer Caper case become a goddess has more after June. 15th California plans to implement the CDC is masking recommendation to allow fully vaccinated people to go without a mask in most indoor settings. June 15th. When California plans to fully reopen our economy, California will keep our existing guidance around mass in place. That's Health and human services Secretary Dr Mark Galli says the next four weeks We'll give the state and residents time to prepare for the change. In the meantime, he says, more people can get vaccinated to ensure that infections and hospitalization rate remain low across the state. Right now fully vaccinated. Californians aren't required to mask about doors except one attending crowded outdoor events and for unvaccinated people. When physical distancing isn't possible, masking indoors is required, regardless of being vaccinated or not, Nick and the girl has snooze 93.1 calf became that your poll today is California. Being too cautious. Yes, no, you can no way in there and on the pound to 50 line your top national story The Supreme Court has agreed to consider a major abortion rights measure. CBS. John Crawford has more on that. The Supreme Court will take up Mississippi's 15 Week abortion ban next term, setting the stage for a major challenge to Roe versus Wade before the newly conservative court. Lower courts have blocked the law from taking effect, saying it imposed an undue burden on a woman's right to an abortion. Mississippi s the justices to take up the case, arguing the state has a legitimate interest in protecting life, especially as medical advances make viability earlier in pregnancy. The argument over Mississippi's abortion law will likely happen this fall. Let's get more news now with K P. K's Joe Michael's The City of San Francisco is suing the state over a bid to restricted Sierra water supplies, according to the San Francisco Chronicle. The suit alleges the state waterboard is demanding the city forfeit too much water from the Ptolemy River City officials are you that would leave Bay Area residents and businesses vulnerable to water shortages. State regulators say the water is needed to maintain proper river flows and support struggling salmon. No word yet on where else state water officials are going to order cutbacks but escape because John Lowe Bertini tells us there are grave worries about their impact. The Sacramento San Joaquin Delta and the Russian River Basin are among the most likely places to face cutbacks poised to wipe out fish species that are on the brink of extinction, like the Delta smelt and long thin smelt. Barbara Berrigan, Korea with restore the Delta says low flows The hot summer sun are a breeding ground for toxic algae. I'm terrified. I can't imagine living in a California that doesn't have salmon. I mean salmon are iconic. They're like bears Governor Gavin Newsom and the State Water Board are reportedly going to ask those with historic water rights like cities and farms to stop drawing water. It will be a news conference. It will sound really great. And then when you get into the details of them, they mean nothing. Only twice in history has the state tried to restrict historic one, writes the drought of 77 25. Team. John Libertine NEWS 93.1 KFBK U. C. Davis, researchers may have found a link between air pollution and an increased risk of Alzheimer's gave becase Gina our city, Jano has more. In a recent study. UC Davis toxicologist Pam Lien says new findings show pollution on our roadways can lead to Alzheimer's sick for a long time, and people just thought the air pollution affected. The lungs are affected. Maybe the cardiovascular system We're not appreciating in the air pollution as a big impact on the brain as well. Brain health researchers will now try the isolate the component of polluted air that affects the brain. Lane says. This will allow scientists to help reduce exposure. Identifying these environmentalists factors is really important. Because we have the potential to control these environmental sectors. At the moment, it's really hard to control the genetic risk factors in our city and no news 93.1 kfbk, YOLO County's criminal justice partners are working to de criminalize those who live with mental illness and substance abuse disorders gave be. Kay's Aubrey Aquino has more on the effort. It's a joint effort by multiple agencies to address the cause of criminal behavior and reduce receipt of ism. YOLO County. There's both a mental health court and Addiction intervention court, which involved a minimum 18 month court based treatment and monitoring system for adult offenders with serious mental illness and or substance abuse disorders. And Chief Deputy D. A. Jonathan Raven says it's the role of the defense attorney to identify individuals who could benefit from diversion programs on are in the D A's. And if we feel that that individual Not present a public safety risk and had the good treatment plan. We're more than happy to agree to it. Raven went on to say the most recent outcome. Measures show impressive results with sharp decreases in arrests, Jail bed Days and hospital bed days. Aubrey Aquino News 93.1 Kid behave and Kitty Big news. Big news. You know, the annual Kalamarias County Fair and jumping Frog Jubilee or something, You know very well. Yeah, they wanted to keep it on the down low this year because of co vids didn't pre advertise, but it did go off yesterday. Now the winner, seven year old Bria Heights, her frog Firefly, jumping 20 ft one inch That's right. A seven year olds frog one. Jumping frog contest in Calibers County yesterday. That's big news. Oh little Frog whisper, Will you as I recall in years past always took the media award The Christopher Ribbit my frog. The media were, in fact, he remains the defending champion. But it's been for a couple years because this year they kind of postponed it because of covert again. Yeah. It's all about the frog. OK? Yeah, I'm sorry. Didn't even mean to. Yeah. It's always the trainer, isn't it all the work you put in its 407. Now it kfbk well coming up. We'll talk about how California is going to align with the CDC guidelines that says you can take your mask off if you've been vaccinated, whether you're inside or outside, but California says no, We're gonna wait. Gonna wait until June 15th. So another month for us eyes. California being too cautious. That's your question today. Yes, no, don't know. Want to talk about it? You could have found 2 50 on your smartphone. Say, open mic and let us know how you feel Right now, though, we're going to get you caught up on this hour's top national stories on news 93.1 kfbk from ABC News. I'm Daria Holding her president. Biden is asking Israel's prime minister to reach a cease fire with the Palestinian group Hamas. Request.

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