Technology allowing seniors to stay in touch with families during pandemic


When you think about seniors and how horrible this self isolation must be because they cannot even physically touch their loved ones since this covert pandemic hit the globe research shows that older people who are lonely are more likely to face anxiety depression suicide heart disease stroke and dementia so can technology help in any way any small way the answer will surprise you know when you think of virtual reality I bet you that you know of course games come to mind but that's not it anymore V. R. is heading into elderly communities and care facilities in here to tell us more about it how this works on the camp commander show gas lines the CEO of your company doing justice called mine P. R. Chris sprinkler Chris I really appreciate you being here what's the biggest surprise that you've seen when seniors put on those VR goggles to go explore the outside world for Kim thanks for thanks for having me you know it's really turned into an amazing adventure not just for for me personally but but for all the seniors that we provide this service to and then when they you know when you get older your your four walls kind of start drinking a little bit you know and and and you become less mobile and you can't travel as much anymore so when you can bring the outside world V. R. into those four walls the B. X. unbelievable it you know can crease and happiness happens the mood changes the wi fi behavioral changes across the continuum of care issues it's just a really exciting technology that we're dialing in just for this particular population so and it will be our simulations work best where they'd like to see data travel they like to you know explore new areas see their loved ones another V. aren't communities I mean tell us a little bit about that yeah I mean because the content is is really what we are we we like to pride ourselves on bringing the world's best content to these folks and what we've done over the last couple years is done Matt you know massive testing obviously across the country but then we've also deployed into forty plus state into senior living communities and that concept that we have settled in on really does center around a few things that kind of tied closely into different therapies actually which is a very interesting kind of correlation but travel is a is a big one there's there's things that we're doing what we're producing content when I say trouble we actually travel from Wacker drive in Chicago all the way to Santa Monica pier and capture every iconic you know location on on route sixty six and we've got a road to remember to and and when people have you know an eighty five year old person that might have dementia and they've done this drive it brings back memories like you wouldn't believe it it's a flood yeah so that that kind of content is really is really cool we also do a lot of music content will film live classical musicians will get you know that kind of content is really therapeutic as well when you think about music therapy and all that does we also have a ton of nature we bring you know the world's best nature whether it might be under water swimming with dolphins to at the fullest in Thailand you know its origins are a peaceful ten minutes meditative piece in the Rocky Mountains that brings it again out of those four walls brings the world back to them and and and and it brings a lot of different benefits you know it's really amazing that that you can do this I mean and I could totally see the benefits of you know somebody who's maybe you know not the best place yes and now we're able to take them out of that environment hello this is a cost well there's two different offerings that we've developed here we started off by serving a senior living communities in and out of the package of headsets we provide we've built a proprietary care tablet that can be driven by the care givers and it's a huge vast library of content that we were just talking about plus all the training and support well that can range from anywhere from entry price from two hundred dollars a month to two thousand depending on the size of the

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