To protest this situation specifically the indictment of Garrett Ralph and Atlanta police officer for murder



You know there is a tremendous anti police movement going on black lives matter the organization driving that on the streets many in the media driving it on television as we just reported a number of Atlanta police officers called in sick last night to protest this situation specifically the indictment of Garrett Ralph and Atlanta police officer for murder in a very disturbing exposition last night CNN began trying the fatal shooting of a shard Brooks on television if you can believe it this was gross one man is dead another man may be put to death because of this situation this needs to be tried in a court of law not on a stupid CNN television program how irresponsible is this no I know they did it with OJ Simpson I understand that but right now it's white hot in America a motions are white hot in your bringing in people to say whether this Atlanta police officer Garrett Ralph is guilty of murder you're doing it on television what the hell is going on in this country there are more than eight hundred thousand American law enforcement officers I will tell you that ninety nine percent of that can damn police violence toward anyone blacks whites Asians Hispanics native Americans want anyone most cops are good and they don't want to see George Floyd killed on the street by a police officer but this insane D. phone the police black lives matter calling him he's threatening police officers this is got a stop and many officers themselves have had enough so I'm gonna predict here in New York City where I am with the department of forty thousand they're gonna lose between five and ten thousand officers in the next couple of years we're gonna put in their papers for retirement they're gonna walk away they're going to get other jobs in other departments because in New York City the mayor hates the police and the governor does not back them up and the district attorney cy Vance won't prosecute criminals even when the evidence is right on his desk he's refusing to prosecute you think officers are gonna put their lives on the line for a system like this the NYPD is driven down murder from about three thousand a year to three hundred a year a colossal success and yet now they're bad you're gonna see across America a rise in murder like we haven't seen since the crack epidemic you're going to see that happen fast cities like Minneapolis Seattle Los Angeles where the cops are spit upon not backed up by the mayor and the local government those cities are going to get out of control fast you wait and see this anti police movement again led by the organization black lives matter and TV media this is a disgrace I'm

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