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Hey there welcome to the selene show my name's Charlene Johnson and I'm just so happy. You're here really I. Appreciate You and today. We're going to talk about what it means to never give up. All right before we get into that I. Just thought he'd give you a quick. Look date on what's going on in my life at the moment first of all, thank you for staying in touch with me on instagram. That's really kind of like real. Know what's going on day to day. It's also how I take the temperature of what it is. You want here on the show I at least two three times, week. Just Kinda pull my audience and say like okay. What are you going through? What are you struggling with? What's issue and it's been really helpful to stay in constant contact with you I? Appreciate those interactions so much and by the way if you've sent me a damn I, don't reply a lot of times. It just didn't get a chance to see it so i. don't take it personal. I do my best I. Get through as many as possible. But I'm a human being and I try to lead by example in one of the best ways that can lead by example is by being someone who's present with their family, and with friends, someone who has the ability to take care of themselves to get exercise to do all the things like today I was thinking about like. Oh, my Gosh, so recording this on Sunday father's Day. Did by guy with Brett, we went to the beach with his brother, his family, his dad, our kids were both had plans with their significant others, which is totally we're not like I. Don't know I. Don't get weird if my kids aren't with me a mother's Day. I know how they feel about me. As a mother and Brett feels the same way about father's Day. They celebrate us all the time, so we don't need to like. I don't know. Make. them feel weird if they're not with us on one of those days. It's great if they are but neither of us need that to validate. The job that we know we've done is parents. Kind of that way on my birthday to some people are really strange like you didn't contact me on my birthday. It's like. You know I love. You and I don't know I'm just not that way and I respect you if you are. I just have never felt that way about like specific dates. And I think that we put too much significance in like measure. How much someone cares about US based on weather? They remembered or didn't remember that we kinda. Like sat them up like I'm not going to remind them like. Don't test people just ask people. If there's something you need, tell people you need it. So, Britain I basically spent the day together but Kinda the second half of the day I know it's father's Day. But the second half of the day he did his favorite thing, which is literally going to the grocery store. This man goes to the grocery store every other day. You freaky loves a grocery store. I offered to make them breakfast. They offer to make him lunch offer to make him dinner. I offered to go to the grocery store. Those are the things this man loves so I cannot prevent him from doing those things. And honestly I love. The loves doing that because it gives me. A little moment alone. It just does and today. It was particularly welcomed because I'm putting the finishing touches on a new PYO workout. Yep, you heard it here. First I'm releasing new PYO workout. I don't know how many years it's been. Four years since I created a new pile workout that released publicly I mean obviously I create new Pyo workouts for myself all the time, but one that will be available to the public. It's been many years, so you will be able to access that I'll put a link in the show notes, but if you are a beach body on demand member, you'll be able to access it there and I will be. Basically launching it at the beach body virtual sewn online summit. A second week of July will be doing that live so I'm excited for you to sign up and. Take Part in that again. You can do it for free. which is Kinda cool especially if you've never done one of my workouts, I think you'll enjoy it if you have always wanted to try yoga pilates. Pyo is a combination of those things. It's not for everybody I. Just wanted to be honest and tell you that what it will do however is give you kind of all the components of fitness it is. Strength is flexibility. In Cardio, it is a full body workout, but there's no equipment needed. It's yoga employees a little bit. It's inspired by those things, but it's constant movement, and while it might not be the type of workout you love. I do go to great lengths to make sure that there's a way every single move can be modified like I show you how to use a chair so if you have. One hundred and fifty pounds to lose. There's a lot of workouts. Where even if there's someone, show you how to modify it like you just can't figure out how to do. Some of the things that someone who has less weight on them can do like workouts are much harder when you're carrying extra weight, so you don't even have to go with the same intensity for it to be of equal intensity. I don't know. Know if that make sense to you, but my point is whether you have additional weight to lose or your fit, but you're not flexible or your flexible, but you're not strong whatever the case may be I always have multiple modifiers in my workouts so that you can see the very beginning level the intermediate level, the advanced level, the non flexible level. All of those things so. It is ideal for someone who the get bored with Yoga like holding still sounds like torture to you than I think he would like. I like to call it flexibility and strength training for people who are hyper. Like to move and don't have a lot of time on their hands so anyways I had a practice putting that routine together and making sure it would work and my husband. Very? Kindly offered to be my guinea pig, because he is strong, but he's not flexible at all number. One number two is. He has some showers impingement, so it's really hard for him to do like push ups in certain body exercises where you're using your body weight, so he's like a really good. Person for me to testses work outs on. I also tested out with a couple of girlfriends. People who do Pyeho on the regular as well as a couple of friends who just never do Pyeho don't do those types of workout, so you know I like to test these things to make sure they're actually going to work, so I spent the majority of the day doing that and I'm just happy to be recording this for you. And the reason why I wanted to do an episode about not giving up is because. Of the sentiment that I'm hearing in your messages. When I say never give up what I mean by. That is never give up on you. Now you might be pursuing an idea or a goal or even a relationship that has run its course or is no longer healthy. For you or someone else? There are situations where you have to give up on that dream or idea or goal. In order to make sure that you don't give up on yourself. That's the one thing you can never give up on, is you? Never give up on your

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