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So she said, you know, obviously celebrate, you know the way you want. But that's what we think will be funny. So, you know, I did my, my celebration and then went over to the bench, and they all just kinda did the did the little clap, which is fun. But, you know, those, those team celebrations are fun. And that's what they're all about seven changes in the lineup tonight still dominating performance by the team. How good is this team feeling about itself right now? I think really good. You know, I think over the course of two games had twenty players step out on the field, and that's truly remarkable, and we knew going into this who's gonna take twenty three players it's still going to take twenty three players to win this. But now, we had a roller sleeves up because we got a mountain to climb and Sweden's not going to be easy. It's gonna be a tough match. We've obviously. Made it into knock out rounds but we gotta take care of Sweden. I and one game at a time. Congratulations loyd. First player as you heard the score and six straight World Cup games became the second oldest player in World Cup history to score a goal. And the oldest player to have a multi goal game scores twice in the three nil win over Chile for team. USA ESPN analyst, Julie Foudy few takeaways from this game one Carli Lloyd. How do you not talk about her? She had a tremendous game and a full ninety minutes. She's been coming off the bench is, we know when I asked her, what kind of message does this performance tonight to the coaching staff. She said this same message. I've been trying to send in. It's not getting through. She said it with a smile, but you can tell she is ready to go having said that. I don't think.

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