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He's doing the Cobi Jones moved to you. You were promise David Beckham by that. What what was the team like? Allergy LA, galaxy? What promise you David Beckham as long as you take this time Cobi Jones, and this is what Daniel Baldwin's doing. It'll be Alec next week. But if you take Jane this week and I can get back on your show again, even though I'm the fifth Baldwin brother, but it would be like that'd be a good comparison. If David Beckham more in the background during the Cobi Jones interviewed the entire time taunting me that he's not the actual guest capital won the Capital One quicksilver card will earn you cash back every time you use it like we. He doesn't deserve to be on next segment. If there's no, Alec in three straight losing weeks, how is this guy caches fame in so that there's a fourth week of bribery involved now with his sister, nobody wants. Do you ever put it on the poll? Anybody want to hear from Jane Baldwin anybody? I Don live card mummy. Do you have to let me up stole God's? Don't do y'all. And that's an apart- Kennedy base as they live at our show with still God's on ESPN radio. I'm more annoyed than I should be on a Friday, and it's at least in part because of our next guest, the bayton switch or Daniel Baldwin. The fifth of the Baldwin brothers, I have no problem with Jane. I'm good with Jane. The bucket of death used to be the thing that put us in a foul mood on Friday now which not ball. It's just Daniel ball when it's not all of them. I'm fine with all the others, but Alec was supposed to be on with us. He's not to go ahead and do it played on play. Our imaging. I know it this time for celebrity prognosticator Ness, win some money. What's the scam? You're running this week Baldwin. You've lost three straight weeks. What do you? What do you mean? Scam? I'm only taking your direction. Let me remind you of something that you said so I can introduce our celebrity prognosticator. Could you play the first place. By the way. I've got no beef with lady. Baldwin Jane is all right by me, it's the rest of the ball that were beefing with. So with that said, going by your direction, Mr.. Libertad on your show, may I please introduce Jane Baldwin ladies Jomon janitor? Yeah. Yes, yes. Which one are you involved? Which one of you? We were. We were thinking, do we go with deniro? Do we go with my brother? Alec do we go with Trump but we realized you love Jane, Baldwin. All right. We'll talk to Jane and say you down for a second. Is it true that the whole family Jane calls Alexander because his name is actually Alexander? Is it true that the whole family does that. By children, uncle Zander. Yup. I did not know that his name was Alexander not Alec I feel betrayed. Can you tell us a secret about each of your brothers, please? That would betray them. Not. I'm loyal to the bone, my friend. How about you? Daniel? How How about about you? you give it up? Tell them something. Tell us something about Janet's no-holds-barred give it to them. Now we don't want any stories about you. We only want them about Alex juicy gossip, oh boy. Did you secrets? So guardedly for so do. The Baldwin's is a family feud with the pump rod, see because of how much Zander hates the Puffer. You want to comment from that. Are you are you are you not merely going to be Jane Baldwin, but you're going to be gene Baldwin who doesn't answer any questions. I didn't hear the question. You wanted to comments about him having the paparazzi. That's right. I want to know how the family feels about paparazzi and other Daniel would know anything about pump rutty. No, no. I only I only did the movie with Mel Gibson, but that's okay. I have a job to do swish they, you know, not be quite so persistent, they're painted feet. Yes, I do know what you think. We all know what you mean. At colts colts minus one and a half who does Jane Baldwin, have. Okay. Well, here's the deal. You know, my system or Daniel, explain my system, New York. Listen to me. I am getting more and more angry by.

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