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Roll around, I'll do some things. Nothing nothing serious. So I show up to training. dom was there and then a few of the newer kids were there. So we started in there, we get into the ring and I start rolling around we all start rolling around and we're doing warm up drills. Basically, right. You're doing front rolls back, rolls, three-quarter roles, and then we started doing like up in overs. And Eventually get into like a little a warm-up spot. It was like an up and over hit the ropes. The person will drop down in front of you three-quarter Rollover. That's it. Right. So. I do that once with dom and I felt like a little something in the back of my calf like little cramp right like something like that. We're just like, oh, I'll just work it out a little bit. You know. The next. Spot. That I do same spot I, do the up and over I hit the Mat and I'd pivot to hit the rope and i. felt something like I. I really felt something hit my calf. I turned around I looked at the student I guess, throw something at me and they're looking at me like it. And I and then I took I stepped and I was like Oh like. I immediately knew that I tore my muscle. The muscle in my calf and I rolled out. and. I was like, Oh crap this is bad. This is bad. I can barely walk. So. anyways. I just kind of, I stated the practice and I watch the kids had them do a match? had them do some other stuff and I just kind of like you know Sat on the side and you know freaked out about my leg. And? I was like, okay. I'll to the morning see how it is and woke up in the morning. It was pretty swollen I still barely walk on it. So I hit up a Knox Perot. I basically said I'm sorry guys like this. Happened last night I won't be able to make the show. I won't be. Able. To Wrestle. and. You know it sucks. It always does you can understand why I'm coming from you make that you make that. Phone, call right or the the message text message whatever. Explaining situation. and. There's like it's a bad feeling having to cancel booking because you don't know. especially. On a first the first time he worked for a promotion. No if that invitations coming back afterwards, right that's happened. To. A lot of people man and You know so I hit them up. I said you know I'm sorry I'm not GonNa make the show I'm injured. and. But you know down the road I. Hope Deal to work for you you know like we once again, I'm sorry. And there's a lot of stories from people that got injured. And somebody had to step in right and maybe that guy. You know that's the the little. That's what how can I say? That's the The chance maybe like, oh, the just by chance. A chance that that guy had and. That's the one they needed and he took off, right? Yeah and so you know it's because I don't know if they're gonNA use me again. Like when you get hurt your your your. Your file goes to the bottom of the pile. And it's happened to be in the past. But anyways. Nursing this injury, all weekend and for anyone that doesn't understand imagine applying for a job that's filling hey, we need to fill ASAP. Anyway. When can you work and you're like in six months? Yeah. Okay thanks for applying. Yeah. Yeah exactly. That's exactly how it is. Man. It's like you apply for a job. They say, cool. You got the job something happens where you're like listen I got hurt and they're like oh cool. You can't start right now. All right. Well. Better luck next time I know you know hey. Yeah. When you're when you're ready or yeah, we'll be in touch if another position opens up. Yeah exactly. So it sucks man that sucks having to go through that process I've been hard on my leg, the whole, all weekend and I show up. For the PODCAST. Mike's wearing his wife's yoga pants and his fucking ankle. It's like the first thing I do is I look down and I see his ankle Oh shit he's got pregnancy ankles. He's got he's got pregnant woman angles right now and his CAV is fucking huge I. turned to Adam and the car after you turn around and went upstairs and get something chairs for the podcast whatever and like his Catholics massive either he's he's it's really fucked up like right now it's still super swollen. He's got I thought you had an ice pack in there icepack. Under your what do you call the you compression pants their Tuesday okay. This is news to me. It's not. It's not the my wife Yoga Pants. Actually I bought these because I heard I've been really doing doing hard on the Web md.. because I haven't gone to see a doctor because I guarantee that doctors like Yep Toy, your calf stay off of it. Blah Blah Blah. Yes. They off of it and two hundred and eighty dollars exactly paying your way up and listen that's not how the world works. Right? I can't stay off my feet I got a to run. You know so that he's got to go to work daddy's gotta go to work and I. I've been reading you know watching Youtube things have physical therapists how to treat you know a torn muscle in your calf they want him said compression sleeves and all that kind of stuff and I was like, all right cool. I'll buy these by the way. I feel like a real athlete right now we're in these things. You really should remember when Cain Velasquez came to train with us at level up he shows up, you know like he's got a gear bag he's got like his playing clothes on, and then he goes and changes and gets into compression pants and like a shirt, and he looked like a real athlete like a real professional athlete and I was looking at him like. I don't like that hundred I look like fucking high school kids in our gym clothes. You know so I feel like I'm a real athlete right now wearing these things Mike de Aging himself about forty five years right there to look like a high school athlete I love dogs that's amazing. Yeah Yeah. Mansour hurt. I don't know what the recovery time is going to be I I'm hoping maybe just A. Months. But. Yeah talk a couple of months. I hope it's not even that I that's got towns, the May brother I know. But the thing is now I get to make my surprise Comeback Rock. That's what we're doing now comeback from two two months away. I've been gone for two months shit look on back and I didn't tell anybody I'm surprise we had uh, we have a match next month. Or, two we do. So let's see. Let's let's get that Here's some ice. Where's your ice? Stairs but. You know we'll figure out something and you know it sucks man because. You know obviously part of the business is you get hurt you get injured right? There's some injuries you work through you can muscle it you can't muscle. and. This one I can't man I've worked on injuries I've worked while injured before and it. It sucks. But you know I've done it actually a hell of a weekend. With my injured ankle remember that. I remember that. So I can I tell the story we'll do it before, but I just wanted to lead into this is about injuries and wrestling and you and I have worked through a cup I mean fuck we've worked through our fair share but you fucked yourself a pretty good before making another debut yes debuts. Yeah. So. devontae were out in Arizona..

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