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Marty virus goes, I know that this questions come up next Tuesday believers next Tuesday. Men express Carmen's I will give a full report on Halloween ware working without public health department Now on what? What were some of the guidelines that we want to see moving forward? Shaddock. Let me ask you get your crystal ball out. I know this is a really tough one really study. It really looked deep into that crystal ball. What's Marty Wall is going to announce on Tuesday. That it's with great regret. That. Unfortunately, the ghouls and goblins will have to be sidelined this year for the greater good. But we'll be back next year. And then next year, we'll probably dressed in a costume. A cz. Well, yeah, that's no good for Halloween until next year is my best in him in salt rash or whatever. His back I state is who has the restaurant in Park Square. Sorry. It sucks to be you. You're, unfortunately ah in the wrong demographic, waving the wrong flag to be getting exception to the rule this year. We'll see. We'll see. It is a history. We don't know Shad. It's gas. It's only against is that Walsh is gonna pull the plug on Halloween. We'll see. But man What are we doing? If we can't even control trick or treating what are we doing? And yet this is what we're doing over and over again. So far, my town's hanging in there. God bless him. We better to we better because I'll tell you, my kids. They're going trick or treating one way or the other. Hopefully, it's in our town, but we'll see 617 to 66 68 68. It's Phoebe with Shadow. Today is a big boy. Thursday on I am 68. E W O r K O Listen, I have no time to slow down, so I need to stand far that can keep up with my job. My.

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