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I actually would have no clue because I'm so locked in on that one plane now. That I can't see anything else in my head. But he did complain like he had a few and I feel like he did complain later. He didn't complain, but he said, you know, I'm just playing within the offense. The ball didn't find its way back to me. And it's like, you know, you're James Harden. If you want the ball, you're going to have the ball in your hands. But what's the answer? Three times. Isolated three times in the game. Which is a shocking number. You could have 8 minutes. 43. There were a few. Zero points in the second half, 15 fewer than shake Milton. Scored in the second half. Yeah, like going back to my original point. Look, embiid was understandably bad. And when you take away his physicality and render him a jump shooter, he's not efficient. He's not impactful, defensively. They were going at him from the jump. Like early in the game, they were not really the heat we're not petrified of the paint either. I thought tyrese maxis defense was really bad. And just like talking after the game, you know, I just think it's interesting how I mean and be essentially saying publicly that this is not the Houston version of James Harden. Yeah, man. And he's a playmaker. This is two years in a row where he does this after his team is eliminated. It's like kind of suspect behavior. I'm not gonna lie. I know that it's the truth, but you shouldn't, you shouldn't say that if you're jealous. Here's the thing with that. I know what it accomplishes. Yeah, I mean, he's in a rare spot where he's such an unquestioned star, these star, the franchise player, the guy that no matter what's happening, you're not letting him go. That it affords you the right to be able to say whatever you want to say, I don't know that that equates to good leadership. You know, as we talk about somebody like Steph, who Steph obviously of all the things he does well, I think that kind of is understated with him, like how little drama there is generally what he says. There is a ton of noise out there in the basketball spheres about whose team is this, who's better, staff or KD, Steph never played that game. Steph been over backwards seemingly to reduce that. Steph, Steph got on a plane when Katie was a free agent and learned that Katie was siding in Brooklyn. When he was in the air to meet KD, which was like the ultimate selfless act. Right, and it's interesting, too. You know, obviously draymond had a big role in KD coming there in the first place. He also had a seemingly big role in Katie leaving because of the blow up they had in the middle of that one game. Right. So it's like draymond is draymond. He is really, he runs really hot when he's upset. We know that he gets very emotional when he's upset. Steph is so even keel. And embiid, I mean, he's saying it with a level tone. It's not like he's screaming this stuff at the media. It's that he takes the truth serum, and he's telling the truth, which I get it. On its face, him being the unquestioned star of the team, he has the right to say it. It's the truth. But it's also when you look at the Simmons situation, Simmons handled it very poorly. There's no question, but if you know that people have a tendency to kind of, what's the word I'm looking for here? Flinch and kind of counter punch because of what you're saying, and then hold out, you know, take passive aggressive jabs at you, it creates an awkward dynamic that guys may not want to be there. Now, I will say this, if you created a situation where hard doesn't want to be there anymore, you might be doing the right thing. Which is a whole different conversation. I don't think it's going to happen. And meanwhile, James Harden also said, I'll be here next year, which is like, I've been in situations sometimes where maybe there was a girl I was dating and I really didn't want her to stay any longer than she already had. And that's kind of what I immediately thought of when he was like, I'll be here. But can you just go home? 47 million is a lot of money, which is why he will probably be there. But you have to raise serious serious questions about what that looks like and that has to be the end of it. But it's an interesting question depending on what Daryl morey promised him or heavily suggested he would give him if he agreed to be traded there. So I have no clue what's going to happen next. It'll be fascinating. So I guess zooming out really quick about Philadelphia. One of the reasons I didn't like them as an actual title contender, even when Joel embiid was healthy, was they don't have any wing defenders. And so when Danny Green went down early on three minutes into game 6, it was like, Danny Green's low key, a critical player for this team. Not only was it one of the only guys who was making threes and he did hit a three before he got hurt. But at least a winged body you can throw on hero. He's a wing body. You can throw on Jimmy, although it wouldn't even matter. You have thigh bone, but he can't shoot. He's not a consistent enough shooter to be able to do it all, obviously. Correct. And they were playing lineups where thigh bowl in the first half. I was on the floor with shake Milton, and I'm like, okay. What are we doing? But you look at Jimmy Butler's series. And this man averaged 27 and a half points. He made over half of his shots in the second half of game 6. He scored 23 points and was ten for 19 from the field, just absolute dominance. And not to take anything away from him, but the sixers just can't match up with wing scorers and the most important. One of the most important things. Second to a superstar is like, you need two way wings to win in the NBA playoffs in 2022. Sixers didn't have it. Didn't have any of them, really. So that's number one why I was like, it's kind of like, there's no point in crapping on James Harden and saying, hey, we don't have any PJ Tucker guys who are like tough like PJ. I just don't understand what that accomplishes. When you kind of know that, yeah, we can just talk about this right now about the player option situation. To lay it out, James Harden has a $47.3 million player option for next season. And he is going to opt in. I would be shocked if he acted out. It makes no sense for him to opt out and I think that the sixers would probably prefer that as well, even though it doesn't look great right now. But you could you can tinker around the margins as best you can if your Dale Murray the soft season. You know you have James, maybe James was hurt. After they got him, or he tweaked his hamstring. At some point, I don't know. I kind of doubt that that's the case just because we saw flashes of him being really good in a 6 year uniform. So I don't want to say the hamstring was the reason why he struggled at times in the postseason. But you could add more three point shooting, you can find some of those wings. Maybe I don't know what happens with Tobias Harris who could have upped his trade value a little bit even though his contract is really,.

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