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Demanding majority leader Mitch McConnell allow the proposal for $2000 checks to come to a vote. Once we have progressive Democrats, conservative Republicans, the president himself, and not to mention, of course, the majority the vast majority of the American people singing from the same song book. In support of these checks. McConnell is called the proposal Socialism for rich People. Nurses in the Cherry Creek School district are getting their first dose of the cove in 19 vaccine today at Parker Adventist Hospital, the district, forming a partnership with center a health to vaccinate all of its educators and staff free of charge. Florida server at an Indian food restaurant received a tip worth $2020 from a group of customers. The diners had a bill just shy of 270 bucks. The restaurant says that they can't stop smiling and feeling happy for their employees are next update Coming up at the top of the hour of noon. I'm Joel Hill and Kay Away news Radio 8:50 A.m. and 94 1 FM. From the bed. Fred Sports Traffic Center. I 25 looking fantastic here on this New year's date, by the way, Welcome to 2021 of Friday and a weekend on too shabby north and South behind 2 to 5, South bound ELISA Park Road have lifted looking pretty good. Speaking of Parker, we have a grass fire. And Parker Fire Department on seeing their hilltop and Delbert Road by one. Avoid that area to Evelyn closure at that location and in and out of DEA Pina Boulevard. Move it along at or above Posted speeds. Fox.

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