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He had one pressure one assist on a tackle. And that's it. You're okay with that. Listen to me, I'm listening. You heard what I say. He was out there. Yeah. I'm okay with well. That's Jim for a four number fourteen overall pick. You can't have him out there for a couple of dozen snaps getting one pressure and making zero impact. One first she is not fair. Let's be honest. I mean man and one of the greatest quarterback Joe twenty four. I see what are we talking about you? Yeah. That's different than expectations. Have you listened to this program? Just now, Jim you're you're frustrating me here a little bit because I think you're just willfully not listening to what I'm saying. I just said my expectations for him are maybe a handful of Saks in very limited very limited role. I've said that every single day on the program. I don't know what you're talking about here. And frankly, you're wrong. If you think the expectations for Marcus Davenport, should be what we've seen not only a couple of days ago. But also in that preseason finale when he had eighteen snaps on defense and did not. So that's what we're we've got forty his last forty snaps. He's got to pressures. No tackles, no sacks. I'm not trying to pick on. You dent. Jim maybe I am a little bit here. This is exactly the fan that I'm talking about. For you to say that. That's okay. Maybe we gotta look at ourselves in the mirror. Here is saints fans and raise our expectations d I think that would be okay in New England's the I think that would be okay in Dallas or Pittsburgh or Green Bay. Eric in Slidell. Look him into the program. What's going on? What's up? Oh, man. I'm with on downpour. I didn't like the trade. They will going quarterback. But. It's one of the twenty K. Gave up get Khalil Mack. And will we gave up the market data for? Yeah. I made that phone call John knowing he was on the table for that. Well, that's a great point that you talk about two first round picks. And he got a hall of Famer. I mean, that's what Khalil Mack is. He's a hall of Famer. And now you've got two first round picks invested in. And I realize it's not the same. You had to pay Khalil Mack all that money and you have market standpoint under team control for five years. So it's not apples to apples here by any situations. But I certainly get the point Eric. Thanks for the call. All right now. Thank you. Thank you for the call. Thanks for listening. All right. We'll get to all your calls here. We've lit a fire nation here. I'm Seth Dunlap back in.

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