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I believe it's the first feature film done on eating disorders but it is so interesting that it hasn't been touched upon yet because it's becoming more and more prevalent in today's society and almost just less talked about i mean it's it's considered still quite taboo even though it's very um very prevalent with all ages and you know everybody but it's exciting to be a part of something that is so personal as well andumiiroenicklee wrote my chapter in my book about my experiences with the eating disorder a week before i got the script and again it was the universe just kind of saying maybe this is something that is really important for you to go through right now to talk about and to join forces with someone who is older than new but has gone through it like marty and maybe you can make this conversation piece um and it it is that it is definitely something that we hope promotes conversation and promotes a greater understanding for those maybe that aren't familiar with the issues but also it was so therapeutic for me to be surrounded by the facts and a a character that yes has similar experiences to my own but is also very much a character that i could sure experience it in a new way and come to a maybe a greater understanding of my own experiences what are some misnomer you think about that that look for those lucky malta untouched by the split of themselves room in their family or friends that you'd like to persuade people of um well i think you know a lot of people say where where do you put the blame where can you pinpoint you know the main triggers are one night is it the fashion industry is at magazines as a tvs and there is no one common finger to be pointed i mean it's it's there are so many experiences that are individual to the person and there are many reasons as to why i'm eating disorders formulate and i think it just really important to realize that this movie is about a character and and her story and you do see other people that she interacts with their stories but it's it's a very individual experience and um it's just it's not shameful to ask for help and you're also not alone i think.

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