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Have heard of too much. He's not part of the David Hogg contingent, but that's Cal Chev recently, just graduated here embassy student talking to button getting some reaction to the, the firing, and the, the charges against former school resource officer Scott Peterson surprised that that came out yesterday. I thought he was just going to read off into the sunset. I think everybody probably thought that, you know, an in, in maybe they were just all wait. Maybe he already knew because I'm you know, the FDLE had talked to him because it follows this report that took fifteen months for the Florida Department law enforcement to they arrested in Scott Peterson charges. You said eleven counts including child neglect charges, perjury. He was fired almost immediately by new Broward sheriff, Gregory. Tony, and I guess the big deal, there is, is Peterson. Pension. He makes eighty seven hundred dollars a month. Huge that's a huge pension. So starting about that today because that'll be up for grabs your debater to see if that, you know what's going to happen with that. That's when the law gets involved. Yeah. His I'm trying to think his bail was one hundred and two thousand I forgot what it was. It was pretty high just over one hundred thousand. Wow, but it took fifteen months for the FDA Lee reports come out, you kind of understand. Now, though, when you look at the charges and everything else that was in this report, a boy, was it detail, but you have to also think how many people were involved in everything that happened that day? So they had to go through video. They had talked to everybody was there. They had to talk to the pair. I mean you had to talk to everybody who is involved, these investigations, take a long, long time. So it's nice to see that they took their time. They were diligent, obviously, if it took this long, I think they did it to make sure that all the teaser crossed all the is dotted there weren't going to be any complaints about any of this. We had a hard enough time talking about that park land story for like, what three months straight after it happened. And then, you know, sporadically after that come down a little, can you imagine being on that FDLE panel looking at that stuff every single day and find detail, and they saw video and they heard audio? We never got access to those a lot more horrifying now. Yeah. I can't imagine. I just can't imagine. But hopefully it provides closer for some of these parents hope so anyway, we shall see, by the way, if you were planning a cruise to Cuba. This is another huge. You know what I think everybody thinks, boy, I'm along the same page and throw you know I it the president's out of the country. So you think like everything he does stops. Really doesn't work because you know he's on this you know, commemorative tour in Britain right now. Like yesterday. They ban cruise ships from going to Cuba like, oh, shut it down. We're done. We're not going to support you know the communist regime anymore. I was shocked. I was like, wow, Where'd that come from so much wasn't going on today. That would have been one of the top stories. Right. It's it, it got buried. But do you remember, I think it was when we were doing the eleven o'clock the mysterious eleven to noon show way back, when do you remember when they made that announcement it was during our show to actually you're incense? I just thought it was terrible. Just absolutely terrible to do that. And if you've got a family member you'd like to connect with you know ticket cruise to Cuban do it that way, fine. But to prop up that regime is still has freedom fighters being tortured, and jailed, there's a there's actually an I agree with you. And there's actually a cruise line that, that's all they do. That's all they were doing. We're ports of call all around Cuba. When that's bad news for them. Now there. That's it. I mean they shut it down the, the, the federal government shutdown like instantly. So if you go on like this weekend on a cruise in Cuba, unfortunately, you're not going anymore. On all the promises we predicted it at the time, John Kerry got up there and Obama got up there and said, it's going to be an amazing thing for the people of Cuba, where you're going to see so many better has been nothing. All this did was go right into the coffers of the Castro. Yeah. That's all this money. Did don't you remember shortly thereafter? They had that big ceremony hold all those employees at the US embassy got really, really sick. Remember, they had a air vac all those people. And they thought it was something that was like some kind of, chemical that was sent through the vents or something. They all felt dizzy, they passed out. Let's prop up that regime. Yeah. Sure. Well, they had the ceremony where they had ever carry raise the flag on their own. Like God, the story later, they, they basically put into containment centers, all the homeless people that were in the area. Yes. So they get better, the international news and then they just let them out again. What an what a farce that was it was for horrific. So it's unfortunate. If you had a cruiser and you're looking forward to it, but you're not going to Cuba. Why tell you? And obviously this is happening right now. Still big lawn ceremony, and Portsmouth, UK..

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