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And I took off running and I had no shoes. Somebody had to bring me my he says. He and other people immediately started digging people out from under piles of debris, and the rescue effort is continuing. At least 200 personnel from multiple agencies have responded to the scene were prepared to be here throughout the night and as long as it takes Again. It's still pretty active way haven't determined if there if there are any other victims that's Blair Adams With Baltimore Fire, BG E says The cause of this explosion is unknown. But after the rescue operation is over, the utility will launch a Siri's of inspections in Baltimore. Michelle Bash w T O P. NEWS. It's 11 04 here on w GOP NEW tonight. The Faqir County School board votes unanimously to offer virtual Onley instruction this fall. This decision was made just two weeks before students were expected to return to their schools are news partners and NBC for reporting. Superintendent David Jack told the school board tonight that staffing shortages have created insurmountable challenges and would make quality in person instruction impossible. He said he hopes students can return to their schools in January. The Falk here County school system was the on Ly one in northern Virginia that was still planning to possibly resume in person instruction. Teachers had started working in their schools today to prepare for the upcoming school year, another about face from a local university. This time, it's the university, Maryland College Park, which was hoping to start the year with in person learning until now, with covert 19 cases and Prince George's County hovering around 5%. The school has made the call to begin the fall semester on August 31st with virtual learning in an E mail to the community, Maryland president Darryl Pine says that will last for at least two weeks in the school, then consider Whether in person or hybrid learning should begin on September. The 14th change only impacts undergrad students moving to campus conduce oh, but must get a covert 19 test and stay in their residences. The letter also pointing out that a large party could result in a fine or even jail time in the county. Mike Murillo w T O P. News. It's 11 06 d. C is tweaking its quarantine list. Health Department, adding Alaska, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky and Minnesota, which means anyone traveling from those places has to isolate for two weeks coming off the list. Delaware, Ohio and Washington state. There are now 29 states on that list. Maryland and Virginia are exempt. You can check it out at w t o p dot com Now through the numbers DC, reporting 50 new covert 19 cases on Sunday. That's a sharp decline after counting 100 on Saturday. In Maryland. There almost 800 new cases, six dead. The good news is seven day average positivity rate, which stands at 3.62% lowest since the pandemic began. And in Virginia, there are nearly 700 new cases and one dead coming up after traffic and whether there's a possibility that Corona virus relief negotiations could resume on Capitol Hill, 11 07 smells like feet. It smells like compost feet drenched in compost. And what did I say? Before we remodeled the basement? We should get it waterproof. And why was that? Something about mid Atlantic houses being really vulnerable toe water damage, and now it smells like feet and.

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