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When we started actually cheers. Everybody who say same nobody. Nobody died Johnson. Hope you're okay but it's been. It's awesome perfect years now. March fifteenth. Fucking Martius actually. Our anniversary legitimately so. Yeah that was not is definitely would have been a thing of one of you guys didn't show up but the eyes of March thank goodness. We're all here and hopefully hopefully not ominous but I didn't mean to obviously when we started this winter you available John and then we start do. So that's what that is before we get into it. Where can everybody find yourself? Mr? Fm Change Up your relevant Mr. John. We can everybody find on the internet or underscore. Evil Dead Guy This Josh address. Sheriff Joe Sorry for Instagram twitter. Twitch Youtube Shiro play five. I realized I wasn't changing it up by Ziti rocker and all as location entertainment dot com as well as the DOT com. And we'RE GOING TO UNISOM ELLIE MR Malcolm. He's now valley should know a third ever go. You can find me on INSTAGRAM AT AWESOME UNDERSCORE. Malley all right. There's nothing yet not not nothing. Nothing you spell it on your s. Not Whatever fucking hell here. We go right into the news recently released call of duty warzone so it is for anyone who played the duty game that had what they call blackout mode which was basically. Pudgy with Shit. Here's the thing about that mode is one. This is just a standalone version of it. But it's like a better functioning. G PUDGY is known for having on so far downhills and watch the super broken. See at least a super broken ton of hackers and Chinese cheaters and all this bullshit really fought down so so basically because that's where a lot of things come from but anyways So basically did PUDGY. Better than the PUDGY does. But it's nothing crazy standout. It doesn't have the. Let's face it whether or not we like fortnight. The art is very distinguishable we see fortnight shit even before reading the logo. We kind of already recognized. And we don't even play for night. It's pretty distinguishable and an apex. Legends has a thing where some people really feel. It's not memorable. And all where. They couldn't tell the difference whether or not something's and overwatch character or APEX. Don't feel it has any discernible apex like personality or or stand up in life overnight. And that's why a lot of people believe that that's why nothing can really touch. Fortnight is nothing has any sort of residual like memory you play. Nobody like like some of the characters are Kinda Cool Apex Apex. This is coming from someone who likes the game. But I don't find any of them very unique or memorable just like the names are fucking caustic. Yeah none of the names are really memorable and then on top of that you just don't buy dudes chicks like like nothing like oh big eye. Patch big bomb shoulder like anything like that. Just like black and white dude. And it's not anything really memorable love. My friend showed me this promo which at least not was somewhat interesting. Where the basically we're doing a character reveal and to put it into terms of several probably understand a little bit more because. I like most of us play legend so imagine it was a character reveal for Auto. Let's say right. But then partway through she gets like slashing half and killed and then it's actually hammonds real cool and it was never really going to be real Kericho County just like fucking debated you thinking. She was going to be a character and so there was some dude he was supposed to be this big deal on his character and then he gets killed in the middle of it and then they were the real partner. Reveal at least that at least somewhat interesting where they built this random dude up out of nowhere and it sounds like he was going to be a new thing and then he's just not anything Hook rewards even after that. I already forgot about it until this telling this anecdote something where even something like that. That is someone ambitious. I don't care still you know what I mean in terms of like. It's not memorable so going back to the point. Caller duties same thing. It's more solid gameplay as I like to call it call of duty is the most okay game of all time. It's functional. It's not really glitch. Ear Bad except that one thing but a PC port was fucked. I've forgotten it was. I think it was Cont bluffs too. I WANNA see her three whatever. The latest one was when that came on. Pc that shit ran at like five to ten per second on PC thank it was completely port the versus fine but the PC version was absolutely fucked so aside that happened there holidays generally solid in terms of like it runs right. But there's nothing you know. It's always the stories always really generic Blah Silverman makes tough decisions not really To me that the game that ruined top decisions for me in terms of like it was so good. I couldn't get into the whole military ever again. Spec OPS the line exactly SPEC OPS. The line did such job of having a very interesting area. The only Carlson it did. Is they do the thing. Where when you make a bad decision when not given a choice at all it's like you. There is no choice but you have to do the boys like. Are you going to pull the trigger? Not The game will not move until you pull the trigger. Do and it's like well. The good you do that men and that's the one thing that does the signs up scenarios where I was just like I have a choice that guy and like that's the only thing that bothers me is there are some doesn't always all not every tough decisions like that but there were some points where I was just like. This is a little bit because just make it a cut scene. Don't make me pull the trigger. I give them trying to trying to make me feel guilty. But this pisses me off because you didn't enjoy but overall it does some feels that really did do a great job of I think expressing the horrors of war like actually the horrors of war and tough decisions on the line. Pretty much every other military shooter for me because that story was really good. It was was only north Or was it no. I wanted to zone north. Someone could you mallory? Google who voice SPEC OPS man but it was one of them was trying to make. I want to see the head. There was eleanor back. Because it's fine right so it's free to play you already own modern warfare. Oh it just plays off those assets. So it's only additional ten or fifteen GIG PATCH. But if you don't own the game is eighty one to one hundred and one game download because it's basically downloading modern warfare. Y- cutting that part off because you don't own it and then using the assets to run the regarding this still free which is great and it is truly free the only real place so far. There's no pain or win stuff thankfully cosmetics. And you know you're by things you can get skin basically skins and like little cosmetic like changes to the look of the character but that's it thankfully no game breaking monetization which is fine if it has to be there might as well not be a loop box or game breaking so there's a it is so north does a great job and a man he really needs somebody of. Osha prison that he's just fantastic. Let's see yeah the modernization. It's flying Yada all right so when you all drop in your in teams of three so it isn't your pudgy type. One versus one hundred other is a hundred and fifty people drop in instead fucking hundred so there's one hundred fifty divided by three half from any fucking teams. That is but one thirty. Es something like that. It seems pretty lights. It looks really good so graphically looks fine and everything. It's a Lotta Fun. The other thing it does is cross. Pl- Cross play in cross platform progression. The thing that fucking overwatch hell needs so do not give me the fucking excuse anymore white. I Buy Mercy's get on fuck you now. It's too late because everyone will be like. I bought like three hundred boxes on PC playstations and out fucked so they'll never do it now. It's too late now. But they're showing that it can be done. Say across play cross progress which is great. That's really cool. And then the other thing is the system of your response system when you die you go to the Gulag and basically you and another player. Who died get into a one V one brawl and who gets on whoever loses fights the next day to try to get the fuck out of that much debt? You're going to be the Google so it's an interesting system. You fucking die you wake up in the Little Gel you get out and find the other doing busiess buddy. Kill each other the plug out of there. I think that's an interesting response. Because there's some sort of challenge to coming back instead of dice three times in a row and just waiting for the ten second timer. Base your someone's feelings if they can't if you have in game currency you could also bring them back that way but the thing is you. Kinda WanNa save that because you wanNA maybe upgrade your weapon. The better shot goes and all that in game currency is literally just that. It's not only pay ten dollars back. It's what you've gotten throughout the show then again borderlands and call of duty. I just never thought I'd say fuck in twenty twenty three and fucking call of duty handling monetization surprisingly well considering the companies that are by both of the Games so worth checking out. It's one of those games that's free that's not cancerous. It's not like a fucking mobile game where I'm just like Oh Detroit. It's free. No that will trigger money. Like this is like you know. Let's really addicted to fucking go gun skins. That's all basically really really playing for his. This shitty character customization on characters that looked like generic people are Gunston. Unless you're really addicted to that. There's no real no harm. No foul fracture trying it and the fact that it was so nice to hear people at work because people at my work has mostly playstation but if you xbox players out there nice hearing them say it's nice to play with you because it doesn't fucking matter like three playstation people as to how they play together. I was just like see what the fun why not. This should be the fucking standard. Goddamn it so it's nice. It was very nice to hear that. Because that's just something that I think should be common ground by now Reggie. He's joins game. Stop the retired from Nintendo why so joining a CD. Exactly so before. I reveal what I think. It is without cutting each other up. Why do you guys think? Reggie's joining game stop adjusts already and we couldn't be any more transparent. I Love Reggie. But there's no way he. He actually believes he's going to save that company now he did a whole spiel about it. How he feels you know. He has the right ideas with what he did it. Then ten though that he feels can fucking save game. Stop but that's what you're saying. We tried to collect the paycheck right. It's like when you're asked you. I mean you do anything with this company. Right kill him so there's enough. Zeros assures actually he's so he joins them on the board of directors. He is a member of the nominating and Corporate Governance Committee. Whatever the fuck that means now. Here's the thing for several corporations in my life including age at one point the thing that those blow my mind are all these high level titles like what the fuck this person even? Yeah and. That's another a committee of people that work under nominating and corporate governance? What the fuck is any of that mean to? What do they do now? They're a group of people who make up what they do. Obviously but I've always found titles like that fucking hilarious. Yeah obviously he's not trying to save a sinking shit. He's obviously just there for the paycheck. He's trying to ride this shit into the ground and you know what fuck it. Why not one more paycheck before you fucking going now? The funny thing. Is You kind of talk about his credentials a bit in? Which when he was first there is like. Oh I'm GonNa Reggie fees and they obviously worked at Nintendo. I did work on the DS. The we the three D. S. and the switch. Totally negating the we you. Even though Reggie was part of love and had a lot to do with that we you he totally just like guys who worked on the Diaz and the we the three switch guys great ties and Intendo like this murder falling under the buzzer. Just like see bitch part of that. And they've been while we basically they've been lodged we And now that all the games were pretty much going to be on the switch. Now really you just hand. That's really just a piece of shit now. The also apparently used to work at vh one pizza hut and Punk Sean. So he's been around town. We make business.

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