Rudy Giuliani, Mr. Trump, President Trump discussed on Clark Howard


A says, they've contain the fire within the city of reading. We're very encouraged with. The fire, status in the city limits. Today firefighters are making very good progress in the city and, it's looking very good we've had no movement. On the fire over, the last day more. Than five hundred buildings had been destroyed CBS's, corridor Evans says whole neighborhoods are gone we're in a community called Keswick right. Now and you just look around and. You can see this. Entire area was decimated you look at the trees around here there's there's nothing left it went through the crowns of the trees and just wiped. Everything out President Trump's lawyer is stepping. Up the battle against his former personal lawyer CBS zero Barnette has the. Latest title she can believe, Michael turns out to be almost an instinct jewel liar but the president's current lawyer Rudy Giuliani is waging a war of words with Cohen over his recordings of conversation with, Trump in which payments to a playboy model alleging an affair with disgust Giuliani, says federal investigators have one hundred eighty three of. Cohen's recordings of which Roughly a dozen include, discussions related to Mr. Trump the only recording featuring the president Giuliani says has. Already been released a spokeswoman says Georgia. Congressman and civil rights. Icon John Lewis has been released from hospital in Atlanta Brenda Jones says all tests have been completed and doctors gave him a clean Bill of. Health slugger Jim Thome e is among. Those inducted into baseball's hall of fame today he's at major league baseball..

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