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On to tell me if you think we are better this year worse this year. Or if it's you know roughly support start with the defensive line last year. The defensive line was actually healthy for this game. We had hayward allahu allahu to it and our and we had warmly there as well with those four guys playing a lot Almost none of the other defensive lineman played that game this season. we don't have to it. He ain't he's on ira right now. So it's the or looked to be hayward awalu. Chris warmly and then either zeya bugs or carlos davis. One of those guys is going to be the number four. Would you say we're better worse or even we'd have to be working step on out to rotation then you're you're you're obviously worse. That's that's an easy one beyond doing that when i was like. Yeah that's like you said. Better i was gonna look at you. I still have faith in this group. But they're not as good we. You don't have stuff onto. Yes seven onto. I always loved stuff onto the do has to pass rush move. He has a bull rush any as slim. And that's literally all he needs because his his his major move is just beat the crap out right across from me. I'm beating the snot out of that dude. Do i'm driving by august. Love stuff onto what it does for the rest of the defense is just it. Just creates chaos. I mean that's and that's what we miss book as blood did that to last year because he just the athletic freak i think steph onto. It is to when when you're six five three fifteen. Yeah you can. you can send stuff up. yup yup. A lot of a lot of playmakers are able to finish a lot of plays when the offense is reeling because just somebody injected themselves into your backfield and blow up your play. They what devin. Bush they patrick. They make plays off that chaos earliest moved to outside linebacker. Last season teaching. What alex highsmith but depre- was out the number three linebacker. That game outside linebacker was a lesson con me ogden knee. He this year we got in highsmith again. And our number three is melvin. Ingram way better this year. You know what i would. I would say that that were maybe not way better. I'd say we we were even of blood played last year. Because i had much confidence it's high sniffing year to and what. Melvin ingram breeze. The third pass rushing and obviously teach every the urine only gonna get better. He's he's not he's not crying yet is he's. He's headed there. But so i'd say even if bud was healthy last year that we still be better but as we know bud in this group were way better this year. Yeah and i think if tj why has a slow start to the season because he hasn't been no preseason stuff. I honestly don't believe that but even if that does happen. Right i think melvin ingram covers it kind of your ability to work. Tj in and play ingram ingram's versatile anger can do a lot. The view remember. Blood can hurt in the risk in football team. Game right guard was out after the browns game. I think the debt of bliss going around. You know i'm wrong. That was yeah but but but was the football team. I think it was like yeah. We were living in those now. Like the twelve game. So how however many sex bud hand up to that point. I bet collectively high smith been ingram. Have more sex to eleven games than will but did so the production will be hired. All right. i like that take. I like that. We'll see inside linebacker. You're into this one inside linebackers when we faced the buffalo bills and twenty twenty. Our top three snap gators at inside. Linebacker were avery williamson. Marcus allen and ulysses gilbert the third. this year are talk to you. Guys are projected to be devon bush. Joe show vert and roberts fillet way better game. We're like that way. Better right answer. okay safety. I don't even know veneto go over the at and try and make dr mun so but do we do do do do we like to do. We like to the backup unit better. This year was was sean spicer yet. Right that's true. I do like the backups right. But they don't play until somebody gets hurt. You know some of my seat time in nicholas john. So i'm going to push on that one cornerbacks steven nelson camp sutton. Mike helton and justin lane last year and that was killed after his injury. He wasn't one hundred percent this year. Joe haden cameron sutton. James pierre and then witherspoon moulin one of those guys. I'm really could go push. I'm gonna say slightly better because hanes is playing in. I liked sutton in the slot. I mean steven. Nelson digs have his way with nelson last year like literally avenues way and i think i think with this with this group i just i know we lose a lot with hilton. Even even he'll say we lose a lot in stopping the run game in the blitz but buffalo's not running and i think the way they spread the films that that sudden could be more valuable in coverage well hilton would be playing up at the line against this team. Yeah i agree with you there. I'd go. I'd go push your slightly better. Which means we're looking outside the defensive line.

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