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They look flat and deceive is not aren't stepping up. Clearly take on Austin, has fulfilled his his obligate. Maybe one big cat inside of the ball Allen Hearns. These guys they brung into became James. I'm always I thought he was somewhat decent as receive tops. In two thousand fifteen. We had that big use give, but these guys are no way don't found. And I think in offense where is almost a traditional dropback pass type offense. There needs to be some innovation is no reason why take on awesome isn't isn't getting speed screens, speeding outline yesterday. I have two touchdowns a little space. You need a guy stress to feel so it can ride z. and if they can, if they can Radzi can put him in a position where he's having success. It just makes things easy for that. Prescott guiding the rest of the offense. Even sad to see even when Tony Romo finished second in the MVP boating, it was this offense was spearheaded by DeMarco Murray in twenty sixteen when that was offensive. Rookie of the year. It was fair spearheaded by one is e. q. alien, but he was offensive. Rookie of the year. Dak Prescott was pulled that off. He when he's such garbage. That's what you call. Aflac limit your question. When was the last time that he played? Like he did his rookie season. About five. Outplayed Aaron Rodgers, Jared, God, Shiva won both those games. The one thing, the one thing that I love most about sports like any other job is that you must update your resume on a weekly basis. You seem against algorithm, Kansas City. Last year lit them three. It was not. That's like week, seven. Oh, my big play the game. Okay. The last eleven games. He's nine of them under two hundred yards. Fales five in a row dating back to last year. We gotta go back way way back with Karna skin. You keep talking about the receivers now Dax in March. They didn't need a number one receiver. What was supposed to say, dad. Long advocated for no more. Well, he probably privately was. It is when you're the spokesman for the team of the Philadelphia. I say, we'll spread the ball and everybody would be a number. Exactly. So what's around and make everybody number one mill do all that talking. He got all these commercials. He turned commercials down what he's supposed to say. I would agree with xactly go in the end of the day, skip Bayless. You keep telling me he's that gap that, oh, that he's breathing. No, he's not. This office is only going far. Is that guy left after ozeki Elliott. Zeke train. This team is not dead yet this team is going to make you eat lots of crows you have all your your little ration-. Good back. 'cause you're not gonna get us it Detroit ODA. Got Detroit got. You heard that that's on a winnable game. Yeah. So am I discourage by what you just read? Because I just heard this news in our previous great Sean Lee is out for more than one game. I don't know how many he was out for the whole second half yesterday..

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