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This is this is not we're going to get money so he had posted a public apology all g for taking money from epstein for research projects at m._i._t. And for his personal funds to scientists have now how resigned or are publicly announced. They are leaving the media lab. They may not leave m._i._t. But want to leave the media lab because they find untenable so i. I think that they probably don't forget one of the one of the guys in the papers. The two thousand two dozen two thousand page age document two thousand plus pages is marvin mincy big shot at the media lab major major guy. I remember running into may not personally. The <hes> threw me out of a meeting. Do tell this we need to hear this t. Tell us first who marvin ski is and then marvin out of the meeting eating one of the famous <hes> <hes> artificial intelligence from the eighties. I go round and maybe even to wanted before a every thirty years or so this artificial a didn't he didn't he kind of write the book on artificial intelligence wrote a book at least he published it well you got me on that so i got invited as a lark mark <hes> by will hearst to go into the media lab with the executives of the hearst corporation who are getting a a tour that you didn't have to sign a nondisclosure and i was like i and i were just wondering we're in the kind of just wondering we're just in the group does about one zero maybes eight nine people and clothing the c._e._o. And randy hearst and all these other people we're going through this thing and we get into take the dog and pony show that they put on which were i found out a number of interesting things. I used later in certain columns because i could. I didn't have to worry about nondisclosure being non-disclosed non-disclosed on any of it so we're going from meeting to meeting where these guys are just full of crap other showing us everything in the place got a great tour and <hes> the few ribald comments to make and so we go into this file meeting and there's pinski in there with <hes> the gaza head the time whose name is looting me volvo wired magazine and minsk he sees me. He knows who i am and he says what's this guy doing here. What's divorce act doing in here pretty much at this guy and everybody's looking left and right and i'm sitting there with the stupidest milem face and they asked me to leave yeah s. O. will actually will left women. The two of us left. Oh that's cool at least it. It was shown that far from what i could tell and so he's left wing. It was at the end anyway so who cares and we went on did something boston somewhere and seles like that's the mouse guy. Well screw those guys guilty by association. I say there's a lot of that going around apparently with m._i._t. Media lab oh stop. What do you mean. There's a lot of that going around the m._i._t. Media lab guilty by association just your report you got joey. Okay quizzes the media lab. Kaminski's the media lab pay off a lot of media lab. Guy seems to me yeah well one of the theories. This may be an amazing polly theory. One of the one of the theories theories is that <hes> epstein dots people have man well epstein was in a trance humanism and all this weird stuff and implanting things things in hybrid. I heard he was really big into implanting. We've got it the first time heo wpro and that he you know because he also said he collected humans that he might have been supplying supplying humanoids for testing thing too many of these <hes> more esoteric research projects at m._i._t. And harvard that he was apparently funding..

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