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Back with Gavin Lee. Davis is latest book haunted horror of Habur Ford west as we talk about this house that was built in eighteen ninety and we were talking about the individuals who were there from eighty nine to ninety one Gavin. Go ahead. I'll let you are complete that story. Thank you, very very much. Can I just say what are your listeners saying, I really appreciate it so much? I've got a gift for all of you. We'll just if you could remind me later on. I could do that. Nothing like that just three gift just as my way, saying thank you to coast to coast, the not everyone because I do appreciate that. So where where I left off with me, and my girlfriend went bad. And we think we we the victim of a home invasion of burglary. So my Foale is we need to put a skylight a risk because we'd hit all kinds of terrible things in the ease of people being big all kinds of horrible things for pin. Numbers and details and things of that nature. So I pushed myself against the and I actually felt I'd hit someone run up. The stairs. Heavy then. And then I the guy was if someone pushed if and you have a site, and it was terrifying night. I can imagine. It was the scariest thing I've ever encountered. Hopkins. I didn't I didn't have the baseball by do not not that I would have helped. Kind of subsided. And we had the heavy for such as we hit a big bang and then silence. And now all of this is happening. Twenty fifty seconds hasn't played out over a long period of time from waking up to everything happen. It's been twenty seconds. We're terrified. The cinema time when we need to. We think they've gone we need to get out. We need to get the police we need to get the phone downstairs. And obviously being the man that was my job to convince people of broken into your house. Aren't you? Someone in the high stakes smashed open the house, they haven't been Alabama. They have they've kicked open the window. They rampage through the house opening stores. Knock things that smashing. I am. We've had all of this. And it was unmistakable. It wasn't anything. It could have been anything else. We'd been burgled. So I got up and we made a big fast saying that we call the plea. So that we had a we had a weapon on us all these things. Just in case. I'm going down the stairs into the living room. Was the scariest thing I've ever had to do. Because you just imagine see if someone grabs right? They may have a weapon you don't. Yeah. Did they could have anything? They could have nice. I can have guns. I got a mug, and I made my turn on the lights and just expected to see the entire house. Just trashed it was it was it was active is nothing. Nothing. Wouldn't I expected to see the window? The kittens below in from broken windows last year..

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