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Allowing games on TV so they can make money off a streaming so we'll talk a little about that and. Kevin love signing a four year one hundred twenty million dollar. Extension that's all in the. Pod today here on sportstalk oh and don't forget Thomas morstead best punter in the NFL he'll be joining us here in. A couple of hours and Thomas morstead might be the most yoked putter in the NFL. One of them one he's he's he's definitely of their who? Was the old culture guys. Does radio now for Bleacher report McAfee McAfee little yolks says yo can he. Played with the saints. Can't recall his name From Illinois university Illinois In the cover. Of some health magazine he. Played with the giants. I was in Bacchus I was in. A parade with him I can't think of his, name But. Wait talking about a hard body About recent was this recently this, is like? The, beginning of Sean Payton's tenure Weatherford yes That. Was him not me I'm like oh? My God it's, like hard like I'm banging on did you, see Greg? Norman The the, soccer player did. You see him in I I think. It was the body issue Greg Norman yes I'm just look up Greg Norman body issue look, at those any ethics is what. I want. To look like that when he's older than me sixty up to look forward to all right just getting started here on sports talk fact or fiction. Coming up next Marc Menard emcees and you can weigh in an answer these questions. With us 504-260-1870. That's the phone number and you can text us at eight. Seventy eight seventy I'm Seth? Dunlap, he's Bobby hebert's sports doc on WWL Now another traffic update on a big eight seventy WWL and WWL on FM at one zero five three wwl. Traffic center I'm Patty Burnham.

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