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Plane from behind ninety nine percent of the time this season which means are going to go with many more past plays and run place not get it i've played enough madden to know that when you're down three scores late in the game it's tough to run the ball and come back that said you're playing some adnan a team is just sitting there in the cover to in the cover three they know you're going to pass the ball you got to run the ball they committed to the run six he ran attempts game when you only lose by eleven points it doesn't justified enough to me you got to run the ball more you stay committed to the run you'll be able to open up more plays downfield now he targeted goodwin seven times beth good one was opened down the field a handful of those times he caught four balls seventy plus yards receiving a decent game for them part of that is that this receiving corps is just no good threat taylor i've i can't think of many teams at trent taylor via started wide receiver markeith goodwin probably a good stretch threat maybe a guy you want to keep a three maybe a four but even last year they tried to approve this team i think the gotta go out the gotta get receivers gotta get runningbacks from the six 5o cj beth it was a good soldier is done everything but jimmy gene place should better timing superior mechanics and calmness that hasn't been there in the night or by field in a long long time it's time to start jimmy gene don't look back i would tend to agree with this i don't have an issue a start and jimmy garoppolo this coming week my bigger problem came with the play call at the end of the cave yesterday it was a strange play now you've heard on that call combination in they say on a play the doesn't matter beth or gets hit and he's out of the game now it was a play the foreign honors didn't have to run they didn't need to score a touchdown there it's a touched on the didn't mean anything and at this point how much do scoring a touchdown in an out in what would have been a what it ends up being an eleven point loss could have been a seventeen point loss for an eighteen point laws are you feel at.

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