Threeyear discussed on Accidental Tech Podcast - 227: Typing on Pillows


Having a builtin just so much nicer yep component gray their escape have thunderbolt yes you look into thunderbolt hubs to try to solve your example usb sea hubs multipliers apparently on out there tipster hasn't delivered his promised on but a like a thunderbolt above that gives you ethernet and a bunch of usb ports and audio in all of the stuff you look into that you know i haven't yet maybe i should um i'm not sure any of those thunderbolt hubs ever really were adopted by enough people to even know other they suck or not i i would be hesitant to also invest in any kind of thunderbolt to gear right now and thermal threeyear is probably still too young or not even out yet know depending so well and i can use it either because if i understand you don't have the right exactly if i understand this whole pwerful correctly i don't have thunderbolt that i can get to externally so so it for me that's useless stoppages straight usb c and i'm not saying obviously that that's true for everyone but for me i it's usb sbc your bust and and yeah i mean so far i really love this thing i'm travelling with it very very soon so we'll see what i think of it then part of the draw of getting such a small computer was on the plane back from dubbed up the person in front of me decided to recline and i have very strong opinions about jerks up people who reclaim their seats and planes and greed will end when this person reclined their seat.

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