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Won't reach many of us for years to come thanks to funding issues to events ice koa news the two weeks ago he told you about the pull that had carry moon virtually tied with jenny durkin in the seattle mayor's race the red flag in that paul is that it was conducted by pollsters working for moon there's a new poll out today that shows durkin with a big lead fifty one percent to moon's twenty six percent but there's a red flag with this one to only people with lam line phones were polled latest studies show more than half of american households only have cell phones the only pulled it matters of course the election which takes place november said do you have a landline i do i shouldn't but i do here we had on for two years but couldn't find it so well reagan donor that three 14year with our aaa traffic here jordan fire rollover crashes serious injuries contains the block two right lanes in tacoma north and i 5 near 56 that has the effect that pryor state route 512 southbound i five hispanic optouts from the truck sales to this crash at west 512 a thing delays from steele street noah other block across the south one six seven with scattered slowing in canton and busy get from highway 18 past jiffy to fall apart that that four or five really camp through the break free around one hundred and twelve east got five eighteen is now backing up at a seatac toward i5 northbound i5 that can be heavy at at the university district into now lake tariff and then slow again are typical slowdowns from the boeing after that north past the trestle southbound i five is just crawling now out of northgate through downtown seattle your next report three twenty four i'm kierra jordan on komo news thanks kiera and we'll have increasing clouds tonight and then that's it today was your last her of a chance of rain tomorrow chance of showers on saturday and a chance of showers again on sunday currently at sea tac airport we have fair skies and eighty five degrees twenty minutes of nonstop news continues on komo news one thousand fm.

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