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I think you're kitty like the maggio i don't know sure one size you knew we was you didn't see blade did happen right i will say to brian i don't love the game geiger free right about that and you're terrific guy even though he makes you like not attribute guy sometimes with his armored but i i agree with you i i think he's juice calling attention to himself with the by pink the bowl pending iberia's an idea but that one could be john no one game to win no here is marino remember he'll order but i would go with a quick hook were they were the boat to judge have i would i would look at a quick call here's where i think the idea would work in all seriousness if i had a team that did not have a starting pitcher as good as louise severino or even a guy that i could trust that all fired rotation filled with threes but i had a super bowl pen i'd listen to the idea jo i really want but when i luis severino why is it even being discussed he's the third best pitcher in the american league he's little awesome this year he is the definition of an ace i can't say what he's going to be next year i can't say what he's gonna be 2019 i've watched basically ever start made he is a fleet in ace so when you think that you shouldn't start your clear caught best pitcher in a onegame playoff i've exempted something's wrong does he have a long war don't bother or rather i think it from stay there over picking it or crime get attention or something they do have an incredible bullpen year right if they had a bunch of reason for that stiff free or apply that that is different yes there but they severino is a very very good per to grow the one hundred miles an hour from the six several bidding some time he the shops year ago and i would i would go with the quaker oats can i ask only that were used to in.

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