Kayla, Tom Brady, Congress discussed on Morning Meeting


Of a will unwillingness to work with us thus far we have nothing wilfley all right congress kneecap want us thanks so much for chatting hit it take care all right we will break out representatives gould who is been extremely teaching actually needle just grab her it's that's right i i've gotta shattuck it's okay i leconte answering name and thank you so much for being so patient we had congressmen on the line we want to make sure that we could do that we interview ian on the many topics is the day kayla's thanks so much for joining us here on boss narrowed radio kayla yeah kayla all right thank you so much so you been you're going to be chatting with us about deed top trending items on gugel what's going on this week yes i think many folks i mean you can hear about this one legendary quarterback turned author tom brady relief the cover for his book the buckle sheds light on paintings best practices for maintaining peak performance which is no small feat for the now forty year old superstar who jeff celebrated his birthday yesterday turning kukal testing out what the book where the battles verifying that it was his birthday yesterday talking about his diet and asking if tom brady was a twin in fact when you nicole their sister are born on the same day that is so close so they were a lot of good goals searches about weather brady is a twin yeah that is awesome i love that but the doors a lot more just new england yet the clay regions that came in looking prayer facts and figures on tom brady of course number one ranking it it second wasn't rhode island new hampshire came in third followed by main nkk a lot of meaning of moscow non i can only imagine you know we haven't had a chance you and i tom shaddix i you know how i religiously follow the tom brady diet i s you can't you cheated yet starters i can only imagine what this searches are for about the diet 'cause i bet there because it's a it's a very restrictive diet i can ceiling it's just has to follow you'd be interesting to see sort of what soaks thinking about the diet.

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