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With same with the dating i felt like he needed to be on us because like i hate it when people on on us with me on i think come to miss i think that's when things puts mental may on fox in rural women who the medal of honor as terrified to be but when armas dating call us i did put they scored of his because i didn't want the coin if you know the big deluded into thinking that i ever been cast yet x ray so so i did do that quite up front i mean i think is so i mean the vast majority of dates you go on a perfectly nice lovely man and you so to have a chat with than when everything is falling but it's just like those night connection whatsoever and i data how we get to the point where we do you have com connections being one of my friends he's very young said he 23 and he comes up with will they saw two very optimistic otit and he said oh well you should put on you you should say that you love dostiyev ski in the new me smile he likes to steer was thinking no no you invite they're just can have the navy really means you're pray falls on on baron the idea that you i mean like is a bit it's already banned dostiyev ski at my age the irony i think as well as are loads of lovely lovely men in that katagum having a cup of tea i'm being my i'm not going to go on a dating the f a i need plenty of lovely met yeah like and they would never go on the apps and i think not why it's full of know men with chains in the mirror of yet himself air and right with strikers unlike skiing we need a revolution we need to change and have a revolution is why i'm saying we need revelation like say mice theory of dating apps is this the machines have taken eva and we are enduring states in our air and if this was something that affected men we would be seriously fighting back saying this isn't buddy working the because it's not working for women is like kids he didn't like we cern worry dibrell technology taking over at other aspects.

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