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A very good scoring game i'd like to see him carry that second unit as surprising in some fashion and and seeing some of these young guys who you know european stashes you know guys who are sign for two hundred fifty thousand dollars who were stepping into putting in good minutes for the celtics right now um i feel like you you do need someone who's approve inconsistent nba player back there and if you do hit a dry spell you're going gonna need someone like morris who can get hot and hit some shots and you know maybe bagging a 3pointer at the shot clock so to me tatum is i i don't think starting is the end all beal i really don't believe that in the nba i by a lot of sports starting is not the end all be i was fine with isaiah coming off the bench willie was boy tatum should be starting and tatum should certainly be getting more minutes the marcus morris now i understand tatum's going to lose minutes smarts probably gonna indirectly lose a miniature ground drowsy submit ads bain's entice like a like guys are all going to get minutes nibbled away now that morris's playing i mean you've gotta you gotta carve his minutes out of somewhere understand at morris to me is not a guy you have to play nice player and what when i say that like you don't have to start to play in big minutes he's gonna play but marcus morris is not a guy that you need to get minutes do you want a nightly basis if tatum if tatum is up to task in so far he has been keep giving a minutes i don't understand why you bring of off the bench or take me it's away from in that that to me would make no sense twenty two twenty five and night and that will be on average because some nights you might need thirty minutes at a marcus morris because he's going really well and somebody else is in in some nights you just maybe won't need them all.

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