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Edel one from the wtmj breaking news center a deadly apartment fire in the bronx killed at least a dozen people out of your family's close and keep these families here in the bronx in your prayers new york city mayor bill de blasio at the scene of a horrific apartment building fire the belmont section of the bronx thursday night at least twelve people including a one year old child are dead four are in critical condition the mayor said this is the worst fire tragedy in this city and at least a quarter century this witness shaken up after watching victims being brought out of the building aiming dedicate flynn this wretched burn fire commissioner daniel niagara call the fire historic in its magnitude because of the number of lives lost the caused the fire is still under investigation todd ant abc news new york cold weather playing a factor in the rassat vehicle thefts in milwaukee one hundred eighteen vehicle thefts in the last seven days police aides merely from people warming their cars and leaving them unattended that's what happened to david speaker earlier this week his grandmother started his car and went inside to tell him she was ready and when they walked outside the car was gone but car was here and then look the scene could see the prints thaw footprints that calm right to the car where they took it forty four of the thefts have happened on the city's south side alderman bob donovan is not happy but is crazy it's out of control a as far as i'm concerned police trying to convince people saying that a cold car is better than no car berry nelson wtmj news police investigating a shooting that took place thursday morning near eleven plan atkinson in milwaukee officers say a 23yearold man was shot and wounded about and fifteen suffering nonlifethreatening injuries taken to a hospital for treatment they're still investigating the cause of the shooting and are still looking for the suspect he added a investigating after a delta connection flight had to make an emergency landing at milwaukee's mitchell international airport thursday having pressure suddenly droughts and the jet heading from cedar rapids to detroit one person jer was treated.

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