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And a man believed to have been in his 60s has died in a fire at a house in severn Maryland that fire at the two story single-family home happened last night just before 11 on quarter field road 30 firefighters responded to the fire It had spread to both floors and they got it under control within 15 minutes Firefighters say they didn't find any working smoke alarms in the house investigators are returning to the scene this morning They have not yet released a cause A final vote is expected today in the Maryland House of delegates on a bill that would let voters decide if access to abortion services should be guaranteed in the state constitution Democrats have given initial approval to the legislation Republicans like Washington county delegate William wyville tried to amend the bill with a statement that says fetuses have a right to life but that effort failed House Bill 1171 as originally written chooses winners and losers The bill chooses the reproductive rights of the mother over the reproductive rights of the pre born child And forever takes away the pre born child own right to reproductions If the bill is approved voters would be asked in November if they support a woman's right to choose A lot of us are making plans for the weekend and those options will likely soon increase in Virginia Until now Virginia has been one of the few states on the east coast to ban hunting on public lands on Sundays The law dates back to 1643 when lawmakers wanted to protect the Christian Sabbath with so called blue laws Someone wanting the change say the current law favors the wealthy who own land that they can hunt on They argue you can now buy tobacco hard liquor lottery tickets go to breweries everything but hunt The bill is now passed both chambers If the governor signs it the law would go into effect July 1st Neil Logan staying WTO Coming up on WTO thousands of Russian soldiers have said to have been killed in the fighting in Ukraine It's 8 13 Now the impact COVID-19 has had on the opioid crisis and ways to address the devastating rise in fatal overdoses A featured series sponsored by emergent bio solutions Here's Doug white senior vice president at emergent In the early phases of the pandemic we went into quarantine in many states and localities I think in many cases we've heard that the isolation that individuals had to deal with the uncertainty there was a great deal of fear around COVID-19 all of those are factors that have really had a pretty dramatic impact on mental health individuals that had been suffering from a substance use disorder in many cases went back to that dependency Others that are depressed or alone or isolated it created a major challenge and there was a tendency to self medicate and learn more at emergent biosolutions EVS I dot com Hire Mike combs and I'm here.

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