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Good to be a guy we will have ally manning at five o'clock and if you didn't hear john mary you can him at six o'clock he was on earlier today ryan in connecticut was up bryant hey mike uh real quick before i make my eagles way what are the odds i know you don't have many shows left of getting uh maybe tiger woods getting that a loose i don't think there's very good chance against i would solve it all go ahead go to one dea go ahead i don't think so would we're beatable all right uh i w i listen uh above the eagle's i'm i'm not to upset i'm actually uh i'm alright with them lose and you saw peters there will tackle he without you saw that get exposed uh this week and i think it brought him back down to earth a little i think they needed this loss i think uh i think they are going to build on if they can use this as a as a as a lesson and uh i believe they're staying out wet clay the rams this week the need to win this game though this week otherwise what are to say as they play the source schedule that the nfc's came up really weak this year that's why the eagles a dominating they hadn't beat a lot of good teams they having beaten a lot of good teams this year um so that's really play who's on your schedule yeah i understand that but when you go to seattle and seattle has been overly song in seattle hold you to ten points when they haven't been very good themselves uh that's a little like i said beat the rams this week caroline are we wanted to caroline the rams this week okay otherwise now already it's all right now number one seed is a look in good so beat the rams this week then we'll chat don't beat the rams this week and people are going to start to think that you saw them just telling you beat the rams us with no one's getting on you if not beaten her seahawks beat the ramps.

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