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I think maybe like two a110th degree woman when we were doing mortal instruments because you know so many people would shoptour sets and there was all this like excitement and secrecy about like the script in the images and what people look like but to no extent that he's going through and i'm so excited for him i think no one's more deserving he's so phenomenal is an actor and he's just such a fund guys so quickly were you one of those privileged to meet withdrew for starwarsdid you have i did it me with jji did audition i had fun on dishing for it butgod knows how well that way to feel at the time we can win okaydowi mean i felt i left the room being like i think those was grade and they're like we're going in different direction and you're like okay cool it's not like hazardous saimanare you really gordon different direction separately sleight of not mall now may i think i'm right up pretended with like a fake proper something they're looking one of these lennick slick 50 you're right you're going to go after nearly around or it's a worthy begin on on the many projects you wrestled to the bone of course they do a maze an exceptional piece of work murdynachsonofmart of people that don't know i mean her pedigree gosal would back to buffy her first feature directing though miss it is our first feature so uh and this is a subject matter that like i myself don't think i've seemed really dealt with in this way and film it's one of a kind of like the few seems taboo subjects left in pie cold shirt radio in it so interesting because.

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