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On the car. Guys keeps your heart strong and arteries relaxed, and that's what makes it easy for oxygen rich blood to reach your hardworking brain. It's just a wonderful cycle that benefits you time and time again. So you were already getting on average about 17 minutes of exercise a day on some days for me, that's kind of a stretch. Five trouble figure where you get that anyone would trust him on that. Getting an additional eight minutes. Make it an easy, you know, Rounded up to 10 Minutes of additional exercise. I have got this little rebounder trampoline at home. You might think it sounds so dorky, but I'm here to tell you I adore it. You can watch it. You can watch the news While you're doing it. You could be on the phone. I have even managed to text people and get caught up on texting While I'm rebounding on this thing, it's easy. Bouncing on this thing is supposed to be better than a face lift as well. So it's one of the reasons I lunged at this new little opportunity. But just get an extra 10 minutes of exercise a day. You're going to slash your dementia risk by up to 88% and this is from the University of Gothenburg. They know what they're talking about. Next up. This one really grabbed me because I have friends, family members. This is starting. This is something they want to focus on two. Fight aging with your smile, and I've heard a lot before about how your dental health can impact your mental health. Alright the bacteria that cause gum disease can speed brain aging if they sneak into your bloodstream, So that's one of the other reasons why experts say brushing and flossing daily can cut your risk of memory lapses and dementia. By up to 50%. And here's something just a sideline note. You guys know that I do a lot of radio work. I'm also doing a lot of voice over work and one of the funny things that the voiceover underground will tell you. When you do voiceover work. You want your voice to be very crisp like I'm looking for, you know, hear over the airwaves right now, So we brush our teeth constantly. If you have one, brushed cheese, any kind of plaque any kind of anything that trying to be gross. But if you have any kind of plaque on your teeth.

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