MLB announces league-wide coronavirus test results: 38 players positive for COVID-19


Is hitting the MLB just three weeks from opening day. Some promising numbers in MLB his initial coronavirus testing Major League Baseball in the MLB Players Association, announcing at 38 positive test of 3185 samples taken as part of the mandatory intake screening process to start summer camp earlier this week. Among those 38 positive test 31 players and seven staff members with 19 different clubs having one or more individuals test positive. That means 11 11 ball ball clubs clubs actually actually had had zero zero players players or or personnel personnel come come back back positive positive for for the the virus, virus, and and they'll they'll be be in in the the players players union union are are not not revealing revealing the the identities identities of of anyone anyone who who has has tested tested positive positive those those who who did did we'll we'll have have to to test test negative negative twice before being permitted to rejoin their teams. Matt

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