Jaws 45th Anniversary And Power Ranking Spielberg



Welcome to film spotting. Josh, we've done our share of top five over the years five hundred or so, but when it comes to power rankings, we are mere novices. We did this for the first time two years ago. Almost to the day, we power ranked the Chris's Anna the. Moments history of film spot right episode six, Eighty six Oh, surely one of our more significant shows. And this week we're going to power rank the five decades of Steven Spielberg's career. Maybe someday will power rank our power rankings. Come to that. So little preview. Was this tougher than you thought you know? There's two ways to go about this I think initially we both thought just of look at the filmography, and and get on the mic and kind of riff where we think things are, or you sit down and chart things you move them around. You have tears. Which of course is what I think? We both ended up doing so yeah. It was a little bit more of a project than I anticipated, but a rewarding one. Yeah, I put in the work on it. Because I knew it was going to be hard enough deciding which decade put first. and which would slot right behind it? I didn't think it would be so hard with the other decades actually, and then after spending a good deal of time on it I actually ended up flipping two decades around that I thought were set in stone. So I'm excited to get to that, and we'll share listeners power rankings of the Spielberg decades as well we have. Their poll results a bit later I though the beaches are open, so let's talk ause. There is a creature alive today. WHO has survived millions of years of evolution? Without Change. Without Passion. And without logic. It lives to kill a mindless eating machine. It will attack. And Devour. Anything. It is as if God. Created the devil. Gaping. Jaws. Sometimes. Probably often we have a convenient hook for one of these setups that doesn't really reflect the whole substance of our conversation about a movie, but a convenient hook is a convenient hook, which is all to say for those of you who aren't particularly interested in hearing a discussion of jaws framed around our current administration. Just give us a little wiggle room. Here I'm pretty confident, were both more excited to talk about Steven Spielberg's camera tricks then his politics, but it's a little. Little Eerie how prescient his game changing nineteen seventy-five blockbuster is forty five years later. The movie The promise will never go in the water again also presents an all too dangerously familiar type of huckster politician, a crisis who fails to heed the warnings of scientists dramatically downplays and dismisses the potential loss of life can't wait to pat himself, and his cronies on the back loves to PREEN FOR A TV camera and who demands those beaches be open because business demands. They be open. Sorry even the scary shark movie is actually about Corona. Virus and I'm far from the only one who noticed my twitter timeline has jumped the snark over the past couple of months including this from frank rich just a few nights ago. Commenting on a New York Times breaking news tweet read Vice President Mike Pence encourage governors to repeat a misleading claim about corona virus outbreaks rich wrote. Pence makes the jaws mayor look like Churchill. Mayor. Von is played with a pen. See an affable smugness by Murray Hamilton and one line I'd always kind of overlooked. This struck me on. This rewatch is when he's spurning. The please of Roy Scheider is chief Martin Brody and Richard Dreyfuss is Matt. Hooper to keep the beaches closed on July Fourth America's Day, to celebrate its independence and preeminence. Any explains I. Don't think either one of you are familiar with our problems.

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