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On July Twenty Second Nineteen Ninety Four. The courtroom was packed so tightly few people could move move or breathe. The press made sure to capture every moment. Police lawyers the accused the judge and the bailiff were framed in camera. Lenses and recorded by microphones. It was forty seven year old. OJ Simpson's arraignment. He was accused of murdering his ex wife. Thirty five year old Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend. twenty-five-year-old Ron Goldman on June twelfth. Nineteen ninety-four for a five day long investigation had led police right to him as their top suspect. It seemed like an open and shut case ace but things got a lot more complicated when the judge asked for OJ's plea he replied absolutely one hundred percent and not guilty his refusal to strike a deal meant that Oj's lawyers led by Robert Shapiro and the State's attorneys led by Marcia sure Clark were about to put countless hours days weeks and months into the juices trial and if the media storm around found only as arrest at arraignment were any indication they do so under immense journalistic scrutiny. Although it's traditional for cases to be tried in the jurisdiction where the crime is committed prosecutors filed in downtown Los Angeles instead of Brentwood. They reason that the downtown courts were larger and could handle the throng of reporters. who were sure to be on the scene besides amass rush of journalists Witnesses and lawyers would only choke the West sides. Already dire gridlock. Downtown seemed better equipped to absorb the increased traffic. The decision to file downtown did more than accommodate a media circus however it also affected the demographics of the Juror Pool Brentwood where OJ Simpson lived and Ron Goldman and a coal Brown Simpson. died was a predominantly upper class. White neighborhood downtown. La had a largely Latino and black population and when it came to the question of Oj's guilt the public was split down racial lines. James a July nineteen ninety. Four poll showed that nearly twice as many white respondents thought. OJ was guilty. Compared to black people polled Black Angelenos were roughly three times more likely than white citizens to believe in. OJ's innocence these differences of opinion could be traced back to the recent racially charged controversies surrounding the lapd most notably the excessively forceful beating of Rodney King thing still sent shockwaves through the city but the tension went back further than that in nineteen eighty to a twenty year. Old Black man named James Mincy was pulled over for a broken windshield during the course of the Stop. Police put James in a chokehold killing him. The arresting officer later tried to justify his behavior as ordinary police procedure. When asked to comment on the officers? There's brutal use of force police. Chief Daryl Gates only further stoked tensions. He said the move was more likely to kill black people bowl then quote.

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