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And they went and checked out the free video report they took action implemented what we showed them and now they're getting these results and so what we're going to be doing as i said is next week were starting a brand new web class and it's going to be live once a week where we're taking a small group of students that mike and i are gonna coach step by step move by move live for the next three months and were literally gonna teach you everything that we know about building an online business everything that we've learned about sourcing products in china ranking products on amazon ranking of videos and web pages on google and on youtube all the marketing strategies that we use to build the business you're gonna get access to that and the best part about it is is that when you do become a part of our inner circle you're also going to get to join our facebook community which nearly has six hundred members as of this podcast we have five hundred and eighty four members and the reason that's important to you is because when you launch amazon business you will not have a successful business if you don't have a community that you could launch your product to it's very important you have somewhere to launch your product were you could get those initials sales an initial boost in rankings and you can get the reviews you need any truly do need a community and with what amazon is done again if your brand he may not be aware of this but.

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