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And then he was actually Heroux ick Germantown defeat of Germantown if we have won that battle. I think more people would know about John Laurens, but you know, there's so much about John Laurens story arc in a book that I could go to here today. But let me just say the reason I call them the founding father you never heard of was because late in the war when Washington had finally Hamilton Lawrence. They were always pleading re released me from my inkwell. That's what they called being Washington's aide to camp released me from my inkwell late in the war when Washington at finally given Hamilton and Lawrence command arms down, South Carolina outside. It was his home kind of Charles, and he was down in sickbed. Suffering from malaria, and he had heard got word that the British were sending far party out of the city. Brett, this was months from the end of the war. It was mere weeks before the British would evacuate Charleston, but Lawrence it's out of bed shaking with malaria determined to look for fight with foraging party. He leads a company of men, and as he's looking for squad British gap spots, they shoot him out shoot him off his horse out of the saddle in east dead. He's delegated of twenty seven. It's just I am certain from everything I've read no about John Lawrence that he would have been President George Washington's for secretary of state. But anyway, we're getting way head of ourselves here. Let me just go back to saying that it was the young men as Washington felt the weight of the world on his soldiers at at his headquarters in valley Fords at the Potts house. What came to be known as the podcast. It was rented from Quaker named pots it was Lawrence and. Lafayette and Hamilton who Boyd him in his darkest time, and you mentioned at the onset of our conversation. You're about Washington praying in the snowy glade down on his knees. Tom, and I as we right have come to the conclusion that this is an apocryphal story. Washington was not very religious, man. He sometimes attended like Jefferson was depressed, and he sometimes attended a million services, but he always left before the communion and. There's just because the story came out over half a century later. It's not sourced. Well, we just can't believe that Washington went off by himself into the woods valley. Forge and got down on his knees in snow and prayed to God to help him persevere and keep his army together. But that painting, which you know, everyone has seen it circulate so much Washington on his knees. It is symbolic of how Washington felt that winter. So in that sense had he been a religious man, he probably would have done that just did it in his own way. And once again, it was the youngsters, you know, our veterans Lafayette's wounded, but it was the youngsters Tom. And I call them that really Boyd this man, and his deepest darkest hour a hell on was the continental army hold up at valley. Forge precisely six months six Mondays slogged it there. On December nineteenth seventeen seventy seven and they marched out. And there's a difference. When I say slogging marks a marched out on June nineteenth seventeen seventy eight when the difference like what happened to the army while they're in Valley Forge that because like after valley forged things change for the continental army. Right. It went toward the started winning. So what happens Ali Ford's started that sort of precipitated that I think we can't put it all on his soldiers shoulders our shoulders, but I told you before John Lawrence. Of course, Washington is my favorite character in the book. John Lawrence might be one of my favorites. But my favorite secondary protagonists in this book is the baron Friedrich Wilhelm Ludolf Gerhard Augustin on stolen baron von student. It would be this guy was colorful as named Brett he robbed Valley Forge in late February in his sleigh pulled pulled by team. Coal black pass showed on horses. He had purchased in France just to make a good impression on of course. Purchase the horses. Aboard money was dead. Flat broke the sleigh was Dohrn with twenty four Jingle Bells. Steuben himself had a silk tuna gone still officers tunic to horse pistols and his holster on either hip and his pocket greyhound as are sitting in his lap. He was a big, man. He was a young man wants Deuba was it has mid forties. And he was a it was an ample man sow, shall we say an in his trail was his retinue of servants in aide decamp, and translators he had no English..

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