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Proctor and gamble. Sharman? Arm and hammer say the higher costs of raw goods and transportation due to US tariffs are partly behind the increase church and Dwight says it's raised prices on products like Armand, hammer's baking, soda cat litter, even Oxy clean Clorox and Colgate Palmolive are too. So far it's worked the higher prices offsetting lower volume. It's a change from the decade of slashing prices. During the rebounding economy, consumers also saw an increase last year wages of edged up and Americans may be able to absorb paying a little more for paper towels, but it may not be enough to stick to brand. Loyalty shoppers have more options with store brand and generic brand discounts and online with Amazon and wal mart. Savings at the click of a mouse. Michelle Franzen ABC news. Federal investigators say a man from Franklin, Ohio and another from Ripley. Arrested for collecting bombs like the ones used in the Boston marathon bombing Ryan king and reigned Goodman facing federal indictment charges for having unregistered explosive devices both in federal court today for their initial appearance as of right now, no agreement has been reached FC Cincinnati trying to come to terms with the ballet on parking and the Symphony Orchestra on noise. Concerns at music hall, and they'd like to have these agreements hashed out before city council votes on their new stadium plan. A looming deadline really helps bring people the table in the last forty eight hours. There have been generally positive good bait negotiation conversations, and I am very confident that we're going to get their councilman PG sitting failed on with our Scott Sloan full council will vote on the new zoning changes for the West End stadium project on Wednesday. Rick chino, NewsRadio seven hundred wwl w and toys R us making a comeback. Well, sorta toys R us is coming back with a new name. True kids, Richard berry. A former toys R us executive is CEO of the new company, which is exploring freestanding stores shops within.

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