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Right it didn't happen immediately because if the guy hijacked your car the car stop running you're still sitting there on the ground right right you're in trouble but it would let them drive away then it would shut itself down and it had on star rated so that it would report itself stolen as well it was the same function that turns it off when you have on onslow i had a customer just yesterday for those who don't know i sell toyotas for a living i had a customer you're just yesterday asked about an onstar like system it's sos system and toyota and i said this particular vehicle does not have it but most people don't even want that anymore and he goes really seems like it'd be you know something happens to you out there i said here's the difference this this is great fifteen years ago maybe even ten years ago but now not only do everyone in your vehicle have a cellphone everyone in every other vehicle has a cell phone so if something happens to you twenty people that can see what just happened not just the drivers and those other cars all everybody's calling nine one one would what do you need this service for well here's one i have a friend who had a gmc car with on it and he got into a wreck got broadsided and he couldn't get to his phone he wasn't exactly in any shape to to do that and the thing dialed for him and he could talk on star person a little bit of and they send him help but the thing is recorded the collision and the cushion you know how it was car was hit and notified onstar sartre who sent an ambulance immediately i thought there's i wonder if there's an app for the phone and get probably too many false positives for why worry you drop it in right.

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