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Uh-huh joan you're looking well thank you i have been a been assaulted by insects this week based i keep visas i was going to collect a swarm was already hived up by this elderly rather marvez mangled jim weekend's who is one of those people who jim's been keeping bees forever and of course never has any fail or anything just go a little b.'s fine you just get that stuff it in grass in the front of the hive status but a baling twine over the top you can take it home buyer an come in the evening he said come when they're out so i said no of course i know i beat what enough not to try and do anything when they're active so get an across it was an evening but it was warmed sultry and the base was still there was still quite a few of them around now i've said i had a sort of light linen shirts on novell no gloves so just allow me that many of them started stuffing immediately got stung in my hand and then it's more than one thought in my bed another one stone i'm looking at my michael ninety one side of my face my hand was like a balloon yeah i mean i'm looking a lot better than i look yesterday but the only problem was i found the antihistamine i had this makes you really sleepy so i don't know we're about to talk about i do stories i don't know whether the stories that i've actually read all the stories i read a lot of these stories this week and i'm not sure what i'm actually remembering correctly or they sort of merged into dreams ah but maybe that's the effect that the author wanted and you you've been sick as a dog insecure douglas wake that there's no much to i'm ready he's not looking and he's he's he's looking initiators propel even if my wife who's encouraged me for many years to lose a bit of ways as clicking disapproving tongue ongoing god's sake pizza say you've done it now because if you hit the target right i have i've i'm no longer donuts but you might be dying sadly you might be successful straight zero i'm scared for racial what do i go we need a holiday weekend away in the countryside recording that listed elliott oh well we've gone and we can't talk about it i should we start hello welcome to back misted the podcast that gives new life to old books today you find in wisconsin at dusk in the early nineteen fifties a man walking towards us his shirt removed in his body covered in what looked like colored tattoos but as we draw closer we see that the images covering skin rockets phantoms people are moving on mitchelson the publisher of unbound the platform where readers crowd fund books they really want to read i'm andy miller author of the year bring dangerously joining us today is family hello sam i have met four how old you are very well thank you sam is the literary editor of the spectator and the host of their books podcast excellent thank you very and his most recent book is right to the point runs to the point w i never riches entitled how to be clear correction persuasive on the page and he's currently trying to write a month by chronicle of twenty nine thousand in rhyme royal kasese rhyme royal forget migrants i'm royal that nobody was going to take ten thousand lines of couplets the appetite has gone so i taught short answer instead and standard i wanted to do off ordonez lettuce little byron so i went what's he done that and it must be the barn stands but it wasn't ron row which is a b. a. b. b. c. c. i'm now really fucking trying to find rhymes for farraj oh aw and where do you live well i delivered the second week of november which means that december might be slightly thin not the second guest is jennifer lucy allen hallo hallo jan rutta on sound and music who has just submitted appearance on for corn safe correct and that is an instrumental of why you joined us today to talk about whoever we're we're gonna about so yes it is yes blamed yukos and she'll be turning the accident who book for lee braxton's new imprint at orion she runs the record label able oilcloth editions is an occasional presenter bbc radio three's late junction roy regularly for the warrior golden qantas and others the book that salmon and he talks about is the illustrated man by ray bradbury a collection of eighteen stories first published by doubleday in nineteen fifty up up appropriately enough it says first published by doubleday in the year one nine thousand five hundred twenty typing this at the last last minute surely the first published by doubleday in nineteen fifty one which is no one eight hundred international fantasy award in nineteen fifty two but before we plunge into into to stella freefall andy what if you've been reading i've been reading a book by lure coming called on chapel sans subtitle my mother and other missing persons dozens laura has been our guest on back listed so we must state that interest she was here to talk about django them's a long way from rona which which is one of my favorite books that we have done on this coast over the years and we also talked about her lost the vanishing man about the last quest yes on episode five of back listed way back when we did christie's own double entry with could just is coming out amazing talent we been going ninety episodes ago so this book came out a couple of weeks oh maybe a month i reviewed this for sam at the spectator and get very incestuous well i was really blown away by the book's it's been guessing uniformly brilliant reviews you don't have to trust me you can trust professor john kerry or you can trust craig brown or you can trust blake morrison morrison who i have i think responded to a real culmination in what lura coming has been doing in her rising up to this point that was certainly how i felt about the book it seemed that she had found a way of marrying her skills as a own critic with a personal story that she had been waiting many years to royds it felt like the kind of book that somebody limbers up for by voicing other all the books and then they get to do the one they really want to do i didn't want to give too much of the way it starts on chapel stands ends as the title suggests with a young girl playing about a hundred years ago away from her parents when her parents france look up she isn't there anymore and she turns up several days later in a village she's returned to her parents everybody knows what happened nobody will say anything about it and it takes approximately fifty years for anyone to begin to tell the go who is lower cummings mother what happened to her not only in those three days but why why she was taken and why nobody would took bassett so the book takes superficially that kind of mystery story and what laura does is apply a kind of all critics forensic roy to family photographs to her a mother's written accounts of what happened and to history and local history and local archive to build up a picture to try roy and find out what happened who her mother as and therefore who she is and she doesn't solve dole that mystery until the final page of the book what i loved about is it seemed like the work of someone who was extremely good at what i do and every type of racing in the book is a great and the structure of the book is magnificent it sounds like i've presented as they're holding the reveal till the very last page of the book but it's for culmination of the book of the themes of the book more than the narrative of the breeds absolutely one fourth why don't say too much about it i just like to read a little bit here about certain chapters of based around paintings and broncos landscape with the full of ecus is a painting the was in cummings house the first image my mother ever owned it was cut out of an art book and stuck on a piece of cardboard and put on the wall and there is a sentence here that i i think he's as brilliant and true and easy and profound as anything that i've read this year so i'll just give you a taste my parents had hundreds of images in the house photographs of newspapers reproductions pinza walls postcards from distant galleries sent by their friends growing up i collected these initial books beginning with the cave paintings of lesko and ending i seem to think with your on a sunday on legrand jet sent by an american student of my father's old away from chicago but the braga was special sacred a world both light and dark and mesmerizing plainly a narrative that any child could follow and and yet powerfully strange even to adults hung in the hall and then in the kitchen and eventually in the small cottage in the scottish borders where my parents later went to live we looked at it by night and by day by johnson purpose on the way to and from school over meals on our way upstairs to bed in the cottage it hung hung directly above the old table shoved against the damn wall in the kitchen where we could stare at it while eating heinz tomato soup a marmite on toast we see pitches che's in time and place and in the context of our own lives we cannot see them otherwise and then she goes on to say landscape on skype with the full of ecus was an object as well as an image now that that is the phrase that for me i thought whoa that such a simple such a simple idea such a deep or idea so profoundly expressed reut roy to the hall of what the book is about what what is the book about the book is how we interpret imagery of all kinds in our lives our day to day lives and in our histories histories of ourselves our families who we think we are even if who we think we are isn't right because we're not interrupting the picture correctly a and that is published by chatto for eighteen pounds nine hundred pence joan what have you been reading this week i've been reading a collection of poetry cheat by j bernard called surge also is it happens published by shattered windows which i i heard about all was made aware of honor start the week with kate clancy whose book about teaching raved about on a recent back listed and j bernard was on that program and read a couple of pieces and talked about this collection collection in it it struck me very forcefully as something that i would love to to read then went and bought it and read it and the background to it is an actual historical the vent jaipur nod was researching at the george padmore institute looking into the event nineteen ninety-one the new crossfire in which twelve twelve young black teenagers were burned to death not enough people know about what the the new crossfire that's one of the reasons for the book not enough people know that it wasn't investigated instigated well muffin people know that it led to a massive march close that fis bridge which was which was apparently that journalists were leaning out of fleet street and spitting using on them as they went past that year was also the year shortly after that that the the brixton riots happened so the book is on one level an act of of investigation of looking into the facts of the case and indeed through the volume the first hand testimonies of people who were there of the relatives of the teenagers who died so there's a there's a research element to it but what j. bernard does brilliantly is link that with now links it with brexit links with the grenfell tower links it with the the wind rush a scandal so it's both a an attempt to preserve serve and investigate the the wrong that was done in one thousand nine hundred one but also links it in a way to the the same problems that are recurring now so so it's a very contemporary book out of the mazing kind of culture that we have of performance poetry and of poaching read and discussed and shared for more than it's been in a generation this volume seems to me to to to work as well listening to start the week and j bernard reading it is extraordinary because it's there's a lot of music there's a lot of patois there's a lot of stuff that you would expect to come from somebody who's in accomplished performance pope but these poems they're also exquisite and precise and complex and the kind of attempt to tell historical truth through kind of the refracted did different experiences different voices different registers they say about the difficulty of finding words that we are facing an adjective crisis isis is much as anything else how do we speak and from what position and how can we ensure that we heard not only the buy those who oppose us but by our allies also lost for words so the book is an attempt to give words back to the dead they say i am haunted by this history but i also haunt it back that sense of them going back into history and reconstructing is already one short poem which gives you a gives you the flavor.

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