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Center for investigative reporting and PRX this is reveal I'm Michael Montgomery sitting in for outlets The methane that's escaping into the atmosphere isn't just coming from oil and gas wells Sometimes it's from landfills and sometimes yep From livestock Cows sheet and buffalo have a very specific digestive process And methane is one unfortunate byproduct Livestock alone account for more than 14% of all global greenhouse gas emissions In California where the beef and dairy industry are big animals release more methane than energy companies And just like with oil and gas there's a whole group of scientists searching for ways to cut the amount of methane that escapes Reporter Brett Simpson spent an afternoon with one of these scientists In Davis California if you drive past miles of green fields and take a right turn off of dairy road you'll land at a lab That doesn't look anything like a lab Low red barns tractors moving piles of green alfalfa Scientists logging through mud and jeans and rubber boots and rose in rows of cows Let's bridge it That's Gertrude Gertrude is one of my favorites She's one of our oldest That's grad student malorie honan She works for doctor ermias kibra He's devoted 20 years to solving the methane problem But as far as his kids are concerned my kids would say that you know I studied Karl poop I guess he's out It's funny for them But contrary to what we might have heard methane is an in the cow poop Or in cow farts Almost all the methane cows produce 97% Comes out the front end In burps And for years Hermes has tried to take the methane out of those burps By changing what cows eat he and his grad students have tried feeding them everything Lemongrass garlic citrus coffee It's kind of normal to me that we feed these weird things to cows and see what happens What happens is the food works its.

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