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Trailblazer yari pioneer in the sport you wall melted fighters season to you won the light heavyweight championship i mean you you blazed the trail and i think back to that guy on tough with matt hughes and they called you cocky and we didn't know what you would turn into and you were kinda ruffling some feathers and you freaking went out there and you won the belt and then you want big fights after and you're knocked out chocolate all that do you think about that now or are you such a competitor that you're thinking about the last few fights you know a little bit of both area i'm gonna be honest you know i i recently started to look in rear view in an appreciate the things that i've accomplished in the past but that was something i didn't allow myself to do while actively in the sport just because i didn't want to rest on one of the things that have arne ccomplish but also at the same time you know i am feeling a bit upset about i can't even say up senate just just a little bit unsettled i guess about the way my career ended but i think it had end as way i think it had in this way and because i don't i don't know if i would've stopped if it didn't in this way and having in this way it was hard but you know there there's no mistakes in life and it was necessary and i trust the process of life and i trust you know the the universe god and i know that you know whatever happened was the best thing for me did health come into play at all did you feel like for your health it was it was best to to move on actually now and that's an esa thing about it you know i still feel healthy my knees is still bit sore but you know i've been in nothing competing since i was eleven years old doing something physical so you know i it was gonna go at some point anyways but health wise i feel okay you know my mind feels pretty good and and and i'm very fortunate for that so you know i'll very lucky to to be able to compete at level idea for so long and walkaway feeling like i do right now have you i know you have a lot of famous friends he reach out to any of them about what it's like to say goodbye and what life is like not training inner fight i thought about it but i just wanted to to.

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