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Medoro. The democratic congressman challenging Senator Ted Cruz for the US Senate in Texas took part in a town hall. Beta Aurora tell the audience we need to do more to stop the opioid epidemic in the US seventy thousand or a fellow Americans to drug overdose deaths. We can continue to treat this as a criminal Justice issue, or we can show real caring and compassion and treated as a public health issue. Make sure that people who have addictions get the care and the help that they need here in the least insured state in the country. We understand some of the consequences of not being there for one another Aurora's, shattered fundraising records and attracted glowing national attention. As he tries to become Texas is first democrat to win statewide office since nineteen Ninety-four polls that once showed him staying close. Now have crews pulling away the country's largest youth. Football organization is implementing a concussion awareness initiative. Correspondent TJ Katini has the story. Hop. Warner's crash course program was developed with Stanford University to educate young athletes about how to recognize symptoms of a head injury. Using an interactive online video of football game and a symptom simulator. Pop Warner has over three hundred thousand kids in its youth football leagues in recent years. They modified rules to limit contact and no more than twenty five percent of practice time and eliminate kickoffs for certain age groups, I'm TJ crew teeny. And this report is sponsored by hands. Mclane advisors. Looking for useful information about retirement got hansonmcclain dot com. Long-term US mortgage rates dipped slightly this week taking a pause after weeks of steady increases stoked by rising interest rates. Home borrowing rates remain at their highest levels in more than seven years with the key thirty year rate approaching five percent mortgage buyer, Freddie, MAC says the rate on thirty year fixed rate mortgages declined to an average four point eight five percent this week from four point nine percent. Last week last week's average was the highest level for the benchmark rates in spring of twenty eleven. A year ago? It stood at three point eight eight percent. The average rate on fifteen year fixed rate loans, east to four point two six percent this week from four point two nine last week. Marvelous Maderas long ago, you wouldn't think of galloping on a horse while doing calligraphy, and you wouldn't have attempted to ride your bike typing. A letter yet you can safely operate a multi vehicle texting behind.

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