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You by a Howard air and now KTA are sports with Paul Calabresi baseball Jim still feeling the blowback from the commissioner saying it's just a disaster for our game I'm not confident I think there's real west rob Manfred reversal there the players say their quote disgusted what about Torey Lovullo hold on a little bit confused I no go play baseball he was a hundred percent certain that if the D. backs manager adding there must be a good reason right a lot of people because of the negotiation tactic and this is part of the process I don't know those things I'm not a negotiator I'm a baseball manager at Lovell on ninety seven FM Arizona sports as one national report says six owners don't want to play this season another report says eight owners and remember rob Manfred needs approval from seventy five percent of the owners to impose a season Hey at least we can count on the NBA season right I do believe it's going to happen what would really damage at all to millions of credibility is if enough guys just break off and say I'm not going to go that's the experience at our age in motion ask you speaking of reports say that NBA players who want to sit out the remainder of the season must inform the week by June twenty fourth the league is trying to get through this we can get you guys galvanized and then start getting into training camp NFL news pro ball going to Vegas that'll be late January and then the cardinals if you listen to the analysts they still say the cardinals O. line as a liability to which left tackle DJ Humphries says welcome to our world for them to realize their over the top five most of the Russian categories last year and that is sports talk of the C. I. K. T. A. R. news at DC penny we know you miss us.

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