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To to try to gently E. knowledge you PS into this and they say that they say that they're not gonna do it they say that it is not effective for various reasons I don't know who to believe I mean I don't know why I wouldn't be at least partially effective but I think it's probably just the crossing as it's going to be with on almost any kind of job but when it comes to when it comes to jobs where it actually gets downright dangerous in the heat heat wave then they talk about how New Jersey is probably gonna be having more and more of these from here on out what are some of those jobs that maybe you've done maybe your husband has done that are just downright almost dangerous if not deadly in hot weather no you wouldn't think driving a U. P. S. brown truck would necessarily be one of those jobs you would think it would be a very uncomfortable job but you're happy now if you've got a route where there are office buildings are businesses you're getting the relief of going briefly inside possibly getting a signature jump back on the trucker picking up from businesses to but but here we are with over seven hundred thousand signatures saying that this is just too dangerous for UPS drivers that the heat gets that bad now the gentleman he's in is I think he was in his fifties or about fifty when this happened I believe I read that but you know he's not a young kid the point is and maybe when you're younger maybe you could handle that he's done this a long time as a job but at some point you know takes its toll it takes its toll right you've done enough summer's you're getting older and he tried like hell a different version of the same story I was reading can't remember where but it was saying how he was not feeling right for several days it was kind of like a build up and that he had gone into work finally one day and pretty much almost as soon as he got to work he had to tell his boss I can't do this I'm not right something's wrong and that most of them the the day as is told in the Asbury park press has to be the same day that he ended up going to the hospital and and that's when they found out yeah he had full blown heatstroke so what are some jobs that have been really really tough almost danger least dangerously tough to handle during really hot weather one eight hundred two eight three one oh one point five Lou from Trenton you're in New Jersey one one point five hi I do not but I don't have sympathy for additional minute but what was in the military we deployed to the Middle East now the hundred thirty five by the time the the electronic thermometer blanked out on us and the work still got to get done yeah yeah when you know what when was that was that early ninety I was that the Persian Gulf War two thousand eight thousand nine and twenty ten gotcha okay do they when they're about to deploy people to something that is so hostile climate wise is there some sort of preparation they make you go through is is there some sort of like physical training army like are they literally like putting you into situations of like super heated rooms just to try to get your body acclimated before you're actually shipped over there or is there nothing else because because the duration so the last time we left right after Christmas so it's cold here and it was surprisingly cold in Baghdad and it just keeps up and the six eight twelve months ago there no matter if they acclimate unity he go there cold or vice versa in the summer I never deployed from the summer to this summer but and they they do try the whole work rest cycle but your best bet is to just keep drinking water we found that and then we're not the only military you know roughly one liter per man per hour you can function normally in relative safety but your ceiling yeah I mean you can function but only memorable yeah you never really get used to it I have to assume no you can acclimate to a certain point my last job I came back in July and so you know we like in the nineties here actual pretty comfortable wow isn't it now is people then that's cool easy that that would feel comfortable hi Lou thank you service file all right we wanna know after the stories out me as report press that a UPS worker suffering heat stroke from working in that hot truck in his wife is demanding air conditioning be put in the fleet of trucks but what jobs whether that one you want to comment on or or any other jobs that can be rather dangerous in hot weather one eight hundred two eight three one a one point five three eighteen years fast.

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