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Only eisenman fed her off in Dutch rival way back in the day of headboard through 13 games in red wings history. This kid is on fucking fire most side, a goal and 9 assistant 13 games, bertuzzi, 9 goals already. He's 15 points in the league. And if they're goaltending tightens up a bit, this team's gonna make a run for the playoffs. And Marie cider's goal was in OT against buffalo, wasn't it? That was his first goal ever? Correct. Yeah, yeah. I will say I love both the young guys, but my favorite player on that team is bertuzzi. He is awesome. He's not walk darlene. He's got the rollerblades on lately. What's going on with aliens? He's on everything but roller looks like McDavid. He's got a mic off and stuff. Did you see that clip of my clothing? Yeah, it was darlene first. So darlene's are on the ice. I don't know who's go ahead, but I'm sorry. You were talking. No, no, I was just going to saber twosie. It doesn't look like he's going that fast, but he's just got those silky mitts where he just he's able to dangle guys. Like when you talk about speed, I would say he's probably average flight of foot. Yeah, I don't think he's by any means like a game breaker with his speed, but he's one of those guys that slippery smart. He's got the hockey IQ. Like Brad marchand's not the fastest player in the world. I think he might be a little quicker than bertuzzi, but when you're that smart and you're that skilled, you just get in areas to score. And he's also a gamer too, where he's blocking shots, he'll fight. He's an awesome player that they've found. And some people don't like him and we all know why he's the only unvaccinated player in the NHL doesn't bother me. Why? Doesn't bother Stevie fucking bong orman either because I've seen this guy get better and better and better now where 9 goals through, what is it? How many games? 8? Does he play? They're ten? He missed he missed one, I think, so you're both here with the red wings? What 9 goals 6 assists, yeah, 15 points, 5th and points. That was the number that jumped out of me. I mean, 15 points for this kid. I don't think a lot of people saw that. I know it's early in the season, but is he going to hang there oh yeah, either way he's contributing in a big way right now. I forget the name you said, I blocked out there for a second. You're talking about Raymond? No. Oh, no, so was I rambled on. So that's the 19th first round pick. I believe he was 6, 20, they got ramen at fourth, and the best part about everything for the red wings and looking at their team in the future is their pick this year. So I talked to a couple guys, I don't know if it's Simon or Simone, but Ed Vincent, he's a Swedish defenseman. 6 overall. He's a big guy. So they looked at they looked at Tampa. They look at the size of the blue line. You see surrogate have head men, you see all these guys, McDonald trucks. You win with size on the back end. And that's how they've really approached things and they got cider who obviously is already looking like a complete stud. This kid's playing in the Swedish league right now. He'll be over next year. They got Raymond. He's a quick, it looks like a pretty quick turnaround here in Detroit. So I think well what? You don't think they're that wrong a kid? Well, I don't think it's been quick. I think it's finally all coming together. I just don't think it's been quick. I think it's been a little longer. Okay, so let me ask you this next year playoffs or no playoffs. Well, I just said if they're golden and tightens up, I mean, Thomas Greece and the dog of it, they should be much better than what we've seen. They should make the players this year if the gold thing gets better. We're gonna mention the leafs next year last podcast so I figured I'd throw it right back at you. You know, what did you think Detroit makes playoffs at 50 years? No, no, no. This is a crazy. This is probably the craziest. I know you just mentioned a crazy status. This is from at NHL Adam K 2017 18. The coyote stopped the season O ten one. They claimed goalie Scott wedgwood on wave is in a wedgwood first game he gets the coyotes first win. Fast forward four years later, 21 22 of the coyote stopped the season O ten one. They claim Scott wedgwood off a wave is in wedgwood first game. He gets the coyotes, their first win. Like somebody tried to correct me on Twitter, but it was only one guy saying that the first time they got him was in a trade. Nonetheless still a wild status. That person was wrong. Fuck them. Here's an even crazier part. What are you guys? Okay, all right, well, I'll get back to the other point I was making. The head coach for both losing teams in that instance was Dave hacksaw. No. Yeah, he was a coach of the flyers at the time. And then he was coach of Seattle. Now mind you, they ended up scoring two goals in the first minute of that game and that unbelievable check kid who's been playing for the coyotes got yanked after the minute. The Joker, something. It was two to one of the three shots in gold color. Yeah, so they yanked them and that's why wedge would end up going in. So it was definitely a wild staff, but I figured I'd throw in the hacksaw comment too. No, absolutely. And then Arizona also played the flyers earlier in the week. It was the first time two players with Iron Man streaks of at least 900 games when head to head in a game. Kessel and yandel. Interesting. Yeah. First time ever in NHL history. So I don't goofy little history. Boy granelli slash quin Hughes has the 5th most selling pita bread tonight. The 5th most assist by a demon through his first 140 career games. That's like insane when you think of the history the NHL, you get Sergei zubov stuff on person who played for the island is back on the 70s. My cow, Larry Murphy and Al McGuinness. I mean, this kid is already among these names. We've been hearing them with seemingly for the last two, three years, we're just saying these kids names among these thousand. Are they all going to stay on the same trajectory or what? I don't see anything to think that Quinn Hughes is going to be slowing down because the way that he skates and we talked to Connor Garland, we interviewed him. I'm gonna be coming out in a couple weeks, but he says it's like the engine that drives that entire team. So I tweeted a video of him the other day, from a standstill. I think it was against Kevin Rooney on the rangers where everyone started chipping when he made the defensive play. But he had a bunch of steps on him and cues just chases him down easily by the far blue line, strips the pocket. So I think that you'd see an offensive quick guy that moves the park well and you don't even think about his defense. He competes in he's a prick to play against. So an awesome player that is not gonna slow down him. Just he closes on guys quick. Yeah. They don't have any time in space. And he's smart with his usage of time. He's not going out there trying to kill guys and separate them from the puck. He's just he's an intelligent mind with insane offensive ability where I think that defensive side of his game is just overlooked because of that offense. And that Vancouver power played like I said they might bail out special Sunday Night. They were unbelievable man with the talent level they have on that between pedersen, bestseller if they throw gallons out there. And he had a sequence. He didn't score on busy. Just how he's so low to the ground just dotting around like he's like a little like a jackrabbit like outrunning fucking something chased him out there. Awesome team to watch. A lot of fun. A lot of spin around. That's another reason why these point totals are going to continue as you mentioned. Just a core group of forwards. I think they have a pretty offensive pace of their game..

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